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Your first information product

by Uneeb Khan

The basis of the info business is your unique information products containing the information that is in demand and useful to the consumer. There are simple products, there are incredibly complex ones. And it is pure madness to aim at, which is for a beginner. But if the mood to enter the information business is serious. You need to take the first step and create your first own information product.

Information product

The first information product that you can make today or tomorrow can be one of the following four options:

  • e-book mini-book,
  • PDF report,
  • mind map, checklist.

An electronic mini-book is a small format manual – from 5 to 30 pages. That is this is a medium-sized article that reveals the solution to a specific problem in the niche. In which you are going to develop your business. This should be an interesting and in-demand niche for you.

For example construction, survival systems, agriculture. Accordingly, the topics of your mini-book may be: “How to economically build a house in one season”, “10 ways to make a fire in bad weather”. How to get a high yield of potatoes without chemicals”.

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digital learning
digital learning

An example book structure might look like this:

  • Title – an interesting, “catchy” title – it must immediately be selected for keywords that correspond to frequently used queries on your topic;
  • Introduction – why this book was written;
  • About the author; brief information about the author, it is desirable to indicate your competence, your achievements, merits;
  • Problem;
  • Options for solving the problem;
  • Perspectives;
  • Conclusion.


Often, at the end of the electronic mini-book, the author’s contacts are indicated. The reader is presented with a special offer – a paid product at a discount as a subscriber. As part of a promotion, or with other arguments. In this case, the mini-book is a means of promoting a paid product. A stage in preparing the user for the purchase of a valuable product. Let’s continue.

To get started, we are creating a FREE mini-book. You type the text, select fonts by types and sizes (preferably large, of course). Select illustrations – the book should be visual, illustrative – solid text is perceived hard, repels the reader. Has a high probability of remaining unread. Then we prepare a colorful cover with a bright attractive picture. After editing is completed – our work now really resembles a book – we translate the Word file into PDF format (click “Save As” and select the desired PDF in the “File Type” box). The book is ready.

It can be sent, donated, BUT! We made the book to collect the subscription base. To solve this problem, we must create a subscription page or a capture page. That will attract subscribers to us – people interested in the subject of your first mini-book, your subsequent products.

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