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Worth Subscribing YouTube Channels For Learning Online Marketing

by Uneeb Khan

YouTube is a great place for both new and old customers to learn new ideas and strategies to attract their business.

Beginners can learn everything they need to know about digital marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, analytics and many other aspects.

Similarly, marketers can move forward with the latest trends in the rapidly changing market segment and learn better and more attractive ways to create and sustain business growth.

YouTube lacks beautiful marketing content. With so many YouTube marketing channels to consider, deciding which channel to go with can be difficult.

This article tries to separate the wheat from the chaff. The following is a list of the 15 best YouTube channels you should follow, as well as some final honors.

Features: This list will refer specifically to the marketing content uploaded by the creators. If you would like to subscribe to a YouTube channel dedicated to entrepreneurs, please refer to this list of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.

TutFlix online leaning community

If you want to improve your knowledge and skills, then choose Tutflix. This is an online and free-of-cost learning platform. More than 3000 courses are available there.

The top seven YouTube channels

1. Pat Flynn YouTube Channel

This is one of the most expert and respected marketer around the world. His blog Smart Passive Income is a popular brand among marketers and an inspiration for anyone who wants to make money without making money online. Its weekly podcast of the same name is one of the most popular media podcasts, with over 60 million downloads.

Since starting its blog-based business in 2008, Pat Flynn has raised over $ 6 million in funding from a variety of financial sources: affiliate marketing, digital products, online tutorials, books, advertising, etc.

Pat Flynn’s YouTube channel is an extension of his blog and podcast, where he shares various strategies and strategies to earn a steady stream of money and grow your online business. He also explained his views on popular marketing topics and sometimes shared productive advice.

If you want to learn the basics of successful blogging, you must follow this YouTube marketing channel.

2.Ahrefs YouTube Channel

The Ahrefs YouTube channel provides useful content for SEO and online marketers.

Considering that Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools on the market, this is not surprising. My favorite is Semrush, but Ahrefs is nearby. Hence, if you are searching for sem near me, then this is the channel you will find the best over anything else.

Most SEO tools have their own YouTube channel. YouTube Ahrefs is different from other channels with useful tutorials on the topic of SEO such as keyword research, link building, SEO technologies, and all the techniques in the SEO world today.

Thanks to this commitment and stability, the Ahrefs YouTube channel has more views and followers than its competitors.

In addition to SEO tutorials, you can also find some lessons from research and marketing research done by Ahrefs. For example, in the 3 parts of their link building, you will learn how Ahrefs created SEO, number of blog posts and the exact link structure they used to build backlinks to the article.

If you want to learn how to increase organic traffic, Ahrefs YouTube marketing channel deserves your attention.

3. Brian Dean

Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, is one of the most respected SEO professionals. If you are a beginner in SEO, Brian Dean’s in-depth tips on SEO topics can help you familiarize yourself with different SEO ideas to help you rank your website higher.

In his channel, Dean shares active SEO, link building and content marketing strategies that can be used to grow his business.

It also shares life examples and SEO lessons to show you exactly how it works to increase organic traffic to a website. 

4. Noa Kagan

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur who has founded several successful SaaS companies. He is best known as the chief sumo wrestler of AppSumo, an online retailer for entrepreneurs. The AppSumo channel itself is displayed at the end of this list, but let’s first introduce the Noah Kagan channel.

Noah’s Channel focuses on marketing testing, growth hacking techniques, hacking productivity, and occasional interviews of other entrepreneurs using the new marketing strategy to boost business growth.

It also has a mechanism that undermines the business secrets behind successful investors and successful investors. His video has been missed as Elon Musk made his first million.

5. Vanessa Liu

You must subscribe to this channel because it has everything for you. Also, you will learn many interesting things for your Instagram channel that are unavailable anywhere else.

Vanessa Lau explains to her subscribers how entrepreneurs and content creators use Instagram to connect with their audience and build followers. In fact, in one of his most watched videos, Liu shared five Instagram hackers to gain followers on the platform.

In addition, Lau shared the YouTube marketing strategy and strategy to highlight other popular platforms like TikTok and Snapchat.

6. Gary Venachak

If there is a salesperson who has actually gotten a secret rating, it is Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and season 5 “New York Times” best-selling author. He recently launched his own NFT program called VeeFriends.

GaryVee is still active on all social media channels, and YouTube is no different, as it publishes videos almost every day. At the time of writing, there are more than 2,000 videos on this channel. These videos include a Q&A session, his DailyVee news program, interviews, keynote speeches, and occasional dancing.

If you are a marketer and you have not followed Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube, you are wrong.

7. WPCrafter

Are you confused about your WordPress marketing? Then the marketing YouTube channel is for you.

The WPCrafter channel by Adam Preiser is dedicated to WordPress. You will find tutorials on popular WordPress plugins, themes, builders, and other tools that can help you promote your WordPress website.

Adam’s conviction and deep learning helped him gain over 200,000 subscribers. For example, its Elementor tutorial is perfect for beginners who use complex builders like Elementor.

In this tutorial, you will also see AppSumo’s latest live streaming and discussion of the upcoming changes and changes around WordPress.

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