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Word Formation Processes

by Uneeb Khan

People generally learn new words easily. We can very quickly understand a new word in our language (neologism) and accept the use of different forms of this new word. This ability is due, among other things, to the fact that there are many patterns in the formation of words in our language.

In some ways, it is relatively easy to learn the processes by which new words like English appear. However, this apparent simplicity hides a number of controversial points. Despite the disagreement among researchers in this field, there does not appear to be a regular process here.

These Word Formation Processes have been going on in the language for a while, and many of the words used in everyday life today were once considered barbaric assaults in the language.

What is hunting?

Chasing is a process in which ordinary English words are formed and completely new terms are invented. The most common sources are the trade names that consist of a company’s product, which become general terms (not uppercase) for each version of that product.

These words tend to become everyday words in our language.

What is the loan?

Loans are one of the most common sources of new words in English. It is to borrow words from other languages. Throughout history, the English language has adopted a large number of words from other languages.

What is composition?

Combining words is technically known as a compound word, which is very common in English and German. Obvious examples in English:


Digital printing




Garbage can


What is the mixture?

The combination of different forms into a unique new expression is also present in the blending process. When mixing, only the beginning of a word is taken and joined at the end of another word. For example, if one wants to refer to the combined effect of smoke and fog, one is talking about smog. The latest TV fundraising phenomenon that looks like a marathon is commonly called Telethon, and if you are very into video, you might be called video.

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What is filet mignon?

Clipping is a process in which the shrinking behavior that is noticeable during mixing becomes even more apparent. This happens when a word that is longer than a syllable is abbreviated to a shorter form, often in plain language. For example, the term “gasoline” is still used, but the short form of the term “gas” is used more often.

What is regression?

Back formation is a very special form of recovery process. Usually a word of one kind, usually a noun, is abbreviated to another word of another kind, usually a verb. What is conversion?

Transformation is a change in the function of a word, such as when a noun is used as a verb without contraction. Other terms for this very common process are “change category” and “motion function”. Some nouns such as paper, oil, bottle, leave, etc., can be used as verbs in the transformation process, as in the following examples:

My brother wallpaper my bedroom.

Did you grease this toast?

We poured the homemade drink into bottles last night.

What is an abbreviation?

Some new words, known as acronyms, are formed from the first letters of a number of other words.

What is performance?

Derivation is the most Word Formation Processes, which is achieved due to the large number of small parts of the English language that are not usually listed separately in dictionaries. These little pieces are called affixes

Prefixes and suffixes

In the previous phrase, it should be obvious that some affixes should be added at the beginning of the word. These are the so-called prefixes: insecure. Other forms of affixes are called suffixes and are added at the end of the word: nonsense.


One of the characteristics of English words is that every change happens at the beginning or the end; the mix may have something added at the beginning, re-mixing or at the end, mixing, mixing, but never in the middle, called infix.

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