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by Uneeb Khan

Slow internet can try our patience even when the activity at hand is one of leisure. Have you ever encountered a webpage that takes an eternity to load while on the internet? As time passes, you sit and watch the icon rotate. Consider the following scenarios: you’re a student attempting to meet a deadline for an assignment, or you’re working from home and need to upload or download large files. Slow speed might damage your academic or professional success. It can make your streaming movies delay or cause you to lose an online game. Broadband Internet service is the most popular kind of Internet access because of its high access speeds.      

What is the perfect internet speed?  

Consider your day-to-day internet activity when choosing a plan with data upload and download internet speeds that meet your requirements. According to Verizon Wireless, you may figure out how much data you use by doing some quick math; for example, sending a text-only email takes roughly 10 kilobytes (KB). Likewise, a basic web page may take 1 megabyte (MB) to load. In contrast, audio streaming consumes 51 MB per hour, standard-definition video consumes 500 MB per hour, and high-definition video consumes 1.6 gigabytes (GB) per hour.

An internet speed of 12 to 25 Mbps is ideal for two or more people who routinely stream high-definition or 4K video, use videoconferencing, play online games, or work from home. Download rates of 25 Mbps or higher are required in houses with four or more people and four connected devices. Most experts recommend even greater speeds – at least 100 Mbps – for homes that use the internet frequently. For the optimal gaming experience, gamers require low latency, fast download and upload connections, and a large data plan.

Most serious gamers will need faster speeds to participate in online games with immediate action and quick reflexes. For example, AT&T recommends a download speed of at least 50 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 10 Mbps, whereas a download speed of at least 25 Mbps. Xfinity recommends speed tiers with download speeds of 300 Mbps or higher for the best gaming experience. Your download speed dictates how quickly your gaming data is retrieved from the server, while your upload speed influences how quickly you send data back to the server. 

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