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Why Vidmate must be installed on your Smartphone?

by Uneeb Khan
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Despite the fact that we now have a plethora of streaming video options, YouTube remains a heavyweight and holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s still as easy to use as before; all we have to do is open the app, find the movie we want to watch, and push play; but, there are instances when we can’t watch everything at once and must save it to our phone. Perhaps because we want to store it for a time when we don’t know what availability we’ll have, or because we’ll see it later someplace offline.

As a result, there are a variety of ways to get these films onto our phones, one of which is official and the other generated by third-party developers. So, we’ll show you the most popular ways for accomplishing our goal: getting a YouTube video onto our phone and doing anything we want with it. Let’s start with YouTube’s official choice, assuming that’s what you’re looking for.

Watch your videos without Internet

As previously stated, YouTube allows us to download videos from its own application so that we may watch them on our phones when offline. Of course, we’ll need the app to see it later, but the movie itself will never require our connection unless we delete it. Both data and WiFi are unavailable. Simply open the app, find the movie, and press the Play button. Yes, they will operate in aeroplane mode.

We’ve previously mentioned that there are other options for downloading YouTube videos on our phones. Ways that allow us to do anything we want with the video, from editing it on the phone to sharing it on social media, texting it, and more. Remember that many YouTube videos have legal restrictions that we may be infringing on.

Vidmate to Download YouTube videos and audios

Vidmate is likely the best-positioned alternative on Android, despite the fact that it is not available in the operating system’s official app store. Because Vidmate isn’t available on Google Play, we’ll have to look for it elsewhere. The official app stands out among them. All you have to do is go on vidmate.ind.in and select Download to download and install the APK file to your phone.

Once Vidmate is installed, we open it and navigate to the Youtube area, where we will be seeing the mobile version. Each video contains a download option that allows us to select whether we want to download the entire video or only the audio. We select the desired choice, instruct our phone to download the file to the desired folder, and voilà, the movie is ready.

Vidmate download allows us to download either the entire video or only the audio track, thus it can be used to save films as well as create an offline music collection to listen to when we are not connected. The app’s design isn’t particularly modern, but it’s simple to navigate.

That is, we want the videos to be able to be downloaded as any multimedia file that we can share, modify, or save on our phone and watch with any app. Tubemate, for example, is a video player, thus installing it expands your options.

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