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Why to Use Amazon Marketing Service?

by Jan Sher

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is something that offers effective and powerful tools to help vendors stand out against any competitors and drive traffic to product detail pages as well as branded pages. Since vendors know, every click does not unfold into a purchase, so it is critical to understand how to leverage AMS to its absolute potential. Whether ams campaign or other tasks; you have to perform well.

The main perk of using AMS over other services, is that it offers the sellers/advertisers a direct opportunity to get their products and even brand in front of additional in-market shoppers on the platform called Amazon.com.

Particularly, the ability and ease to target individual product detail pages gives sellers like you an opportunity to introduce the products directly together with competitor products once consumers are at the last stage prior to overall conversion. This post is going to get you a quick idea about how it all works.

The Need Of Amazon Marketing 

Since its foremost launch of advertising solutions, Amazon is only growing its marketing options. It started with Sponsored Products, expanded to Sponsored Brands (previously Headline search ads), and Sponsored Display ads (previously Product display ads). Coupled with the advertising types, the targeting options inside an ad type are even increasing lately. You can find numerous beta options within the campaigns. So understanding all your diverse options is necessary to growing on Amazon.

The competition is absolutely immense on a global marketplace like Amazon. Most of the online or web advertising platforms enable you to pay for impressions and even clicks. However, Amazon takes a different sort of approach. You simply get a chance to choose how much you wish to pay once a shopper clicks on the ads. This gives you a rough control over your advertisement budget. A, the conversion rates are somewhat higher because of the robust purchasing intent of the audience. 

Amazon Sponsored Products

You know Sponsored products are one of the most effective ways to grow your sales on the Amazon. Such are the ads that are basic ad type available for Amazon sellers.  Here are some quick reasons that you should consider including Amazon sponsored ads into your overall marketing efforts:

  • These appear on nearly every page of the buying journey, so they are much valuable for sellers.
  • These generally have higher conversion rates when you compare them to other ad types.
  • These appear on Amazon serps (search engine results page), and they look absolutely alike to organic results. So, customers would not find any challenges in finding them.

Sponsored Brand Ads in Brief 

Amazon sponsored brand ads are the foremost thing a customer witnesses after searching for a product. Sponsored brand ads are kept on top of the search results, together with, and within the search results page. These do help a customer find out your brand, its products, and your brand store on Amazon. Once used in an effective manner, you can capture fresh sets of audiences, increase consideration for your products, and even brand awareness. You can simply feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and even up to three products with Amazon sponsored brand ads. All you require is:

  • A registered seller account that is under Amazon brand registry
  • A unique type of Amazon store
  • Top-selling products


To sum up , you can consider am ecommerce integrations for your growth and scalability. It could be at turning point for your growth.

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