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Why Stop Your Kids From Climbing Everything When They Love to Do It?

by Uneeb Khan

As much as kids love running and making their parents chase, truth be told, parents do love chasing their kids. They might climb over sofas, couches, stairs, or tables, and parents are always running after them, either trying to protect them, or they are running after them to keep up with the playful mood of their child. And most importantly, it’s fun for the kids to climb up everything they find unique and interesting. Each day, they try and adapt themselves to new challenges, thereby making up by crawling and pulling. Also, curiosity and determination are something that makes them climb up to several inaccessible heights. And that is the reason why your kid would love to play with a little rocker or a pikler triangle!

Children and climbing go hand-in-hand. This is because it helps in exploring their restless energy and takes a leap on their curious nature. Moreover, it builds in them a nature of dedication and playful nature with a true sense of security yet engagement. And playgrounds such as a pikler triangle will help them to explore all these sides. And all these playful natures are a part of kids’ mental development. Basically, not just, it helps in building a child’s developmental features, such as physical and mental health and social and sensory awareness. Moreover, with the use of all these playground kinds of stuff, they can explore their playful nature and even embrace the tastes of indoor games.

But the real deal is where you will get these amazing kinds of stuff. Well, worry no more when you have Lily and River by your side. This is because, according to information, it has been known that they are producers of the best kind of Montessori playground gym and play equipment. The materials they use in the production of, say, a little rocker will last longer and be available to you at a very affordable price. Anyway, let us now come to our topic of discussion; that is why toddlers love climbing on top of everything, be it couches, stairs, or others. And lastly, why should you get them a little rocker from Lily and River?

Reasons why your toddlers love climbing on top of everything! 

The following reasons will certainly startle you to know why your toddlers love to climb on top of everything! Let us get started:

Reason # 1: For their own amusement 

It is quite known that toddlers love to be in their own world. It is their language of joy, laughter, sadness, and amusement. Their language of amusement is quite different from that of ours. Don’t you see how they would smile even at some leaves falling from trees? They might get scared of your pet cat or dog. And thus, they are quite different from the adult ones. And thus, climbing up is one of the reasons for their amusement. It is some kind of a game to them. Bring them a little rocker, and you will find them repeatedly climbing on and off it. It nurtures their playful nature. Grows a competitive motive in them. Helps them become creative, and ultimately, they learn to challenge themselves and learn chasing after companions.

Reason # 2: Helps in the overall growth of a child

Did you know that climbing contributes to the overall growth of a child? We know it might come as a surprise to you, but then it is a proven fact! If your child keeps climbing a little rocker or a pikler triangle, they can certainly develop a habit of keeping themselves active. And statistics have shown that 90% of active children develop greater immunity and are less likely to fall sick. At the same time, toddlers who are ideal and are more into video games or mobile phones are less likely to develop a playful nature in them.

They develop their basic natural impulses to certain basics such as investigating, touching, and moving objects. Basically, they develop their sixth sense and become stronger with each phase of their time. Moreover, it has been seen that toddlers, when learning to play with a little rocker, develop their motor abilities as well as their cognitive abilities. And all these abilities become strong with time, and eventually, they develop a strong game of natural impulses. To put it in simple words, it can be said that climbing is just a part of a typical developmental phase. It is important for every parent reading this article to take note and purchase the best pikler triangle from Lily and River.

Reason # 3: Develops an impulse to learning

Learning is a phase of life. In each and every phase, human beings are learning and mostly toddlers. They begin soon after their birth. Their quest for knowledge beyond is never-ending, and so is their curiosity. And when a child learns through climbing, they develop different skills. And if seen scientifically, it helps in stretching their muscles, thereby keeping them healthy. It helps in muscle movement and growth and makes their bones strong. Thus it also prevents them from injury risks. According to many experts, the behavior of children has been studied, and it has been seen that toddlers enjoy testing the limits of acceptable behavior. Most importantly, climbing is the key to this phase. It is another method of taking a risk and then accepting the challenge.

A quick wrap-up! 

So, what do you think? Start selecting the best little rocker for your toddler’s next birthday. It will be the best thing that can happen to your toddler. You will always find them in a happy mood always and most active, playful, and cheerful. Moreover, you can even select a pikler triangle to gift your toddler from Lily and River. The materials with which these are made are of the best quality and will last for a long time. The prices of their products are extremely affordable, and your child would love them!

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