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Why rent a car in jamaica, you should or shouldn’t

by Uneeb Khan
Why to rent a car in jamaica, you should or shouldn't

Renting a car in jamaica is very easy, safe, and budget-friendly if you are really aware of how to do it But if you don’t then maybe you gonna lose some money. And the most important time. So we have decided to let you know this,l part one is to focus on Private Transport and rental cars to decide with is better and when.

Getting around in jamaica and why you should rent a car in jamaica.

We gonna address the very frequent question, why should you rent a car in jamaica? It depends on three factors where you staying and what you want to do in jamaica and you just want to explore jamaica. here we have a few examples of when renting a car is not a good idea, let’s say your goal is to relax and have fun in a hotel why should your car then, you don’t. Just use public transport or a private driver as they have experience and guide you pretty well.

if your goal is to explore some of the tourist attractions then hire a private driver simply and get fully relaxed and let the professional driver drive you to your destination.

Don’t rent a car when you are not fully confident in your driving. So when should you rent a car then For everything else pretty much? Here we have a few examples.

Depending on where you are staying:

If you are staying in air BnB where food is not served or you need to cook yourself or go to restaurants or cafes then renting a car in jamaica is the best option it will save you a lot of time and money or transportation.

Why many tourists prefer the west because it is less expensive and people do rent a car to get there because car rentals offer the full freedom you want when you travel.

Car rental how much:

The cost of a car rental in jamaica, the cheapest vehicle like a small one would cost around 45 us dollars per day. These are the lowest rates you can get with the authorized car rental in jamaica. So we personally prefer to rent a car from Final rental and it has proved to be very reliable. So keep in mind you will need between 4 to 5 hundred dollars on your car deposit when renting the car.

It doesn’t matter where you belong like British, Canadian, us, and so on but if you have an international driving license you can drive in jamaica.

Before you rent a car there are several things you need to know while driving in jamaica. 

The first is to make the driving on the left side. If you come from Britain then it becomes a problem but people who drive on right can easily drive in jamaica.

Roads in Jamaica:

Jamaica has quite a few good roads and they are the ones that will take you to the most famous attractions on the island. There are good highways too but if you choose smaller roads you can often find potholes on the roads the situation is rapidly changing in jamaica.

Google maps and GPS:  

Google maps are very good to use but rely on them as they don’t give you an accurate time of travel. If you need to find someplace on hills well this is where google maps failed very often. The place where you want to go might not be on the map at all. The best direction you can get from Jamaican friends or locals so always for help if you need to know the way.

Fuel prices:

The fuel is soo cheap in jamaica, So the economical car will not cost you that much. 

Narrow roads:

There are a lot of narrow roads with tiny pavements. In small towns, people walk along the road because they have nowhere else to walk.

Night driving in Jamaica:

Night driving in Jamaica can be scary as the other driver don’t dim their light so which can blind you especially when you don’t know the road. We just recommend just don’t do night driving unless it’s necessary and you are willing to take the risk.

Is it safe to drive in Jamaica: 

If you are a confident experienced driver, it’s absolutely easy to drive and rent a car in jamaica. If you want to experience the country rent a car in jamaica.


In conclusion, we have mentioned the reason why you should and shouldn’t drive rent a car in jamaica. As we have mentioned about the roads, fuel, hotel, google GPS, and car rental then it’s not a big deal for you to travel in jamaica.

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