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Why Is Blue World City The First Purpose-Built Tourist City?

by Uneeb Khan
Blue World City

We all know that with the increase in the population of the country, there is a rapid increase in the development of residential housing societies. People are also taking more interest in moving from less developed cities to developed cities as they want a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Among such cities is the capital city of the county, which is Islamabad. There is also an increase in the development of real estate residential and commercial projects, and among such projects is a well-known society which is the Blue World City.

It is an architectural marvel and develops international standards with its lush facilities and amenities. Society is most popularly known as the City within a city and includes all the features that make it the most demanding project. Let’s get to know more about this first-purpose-built tourist city in detail:

Blue World City: An Overview

Blue World City is a well known project in the real estate market, and now there is barely anyone who has no idea about this project. Many people have already invested in this project, and currently, more people are taking an interest in investing in this project. If we talk about the developers, who are developing this society, there are two names.

The first name is the well-known Blue Group of companies (BGC), and the second name is the Imperium Group of companies (IGC). Both these companies are developing this project as a joint venture and making it stand out from the rest of the housing societies. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the developing company, it is a Chinese company that has taken the task for the development of this project. Most of you must be familiar with the name of Shah Jehan Municipal Engineering, which is a developing company that has multi-talented engineers and designers. This master-planned community will be a great hit in the country’s real estate market. 

Location Highlights

One of the great things for investors that they consider before investing in any project is the location. The location of any project matters a lot due to various reasons, such as it is the determining factor that decides what will be the future of society and how much potential the project has for investment returns.

The location factor is also important due to many other reasons, such as it decides how much time it will take for the resident to reach the major landmarks. Therefore, we are first discussing the blue world city location, and you will be glad to know that it is ideally located at the most prime location of the City near the CPEC route. Thus, those who are interested in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor can consider the option of investing in this project. 

Prices and Installments

The next factor that matters for the investors is the prices of the plots and the payment plan of the society in which they are investing. If the prices are reasonable and competitive, they tend to invest more. In addition, if the prices are higher, then there should be some reasons for the high prices. For example, if society offers a lavish lifestyle with splendid amenities and facilities that shows the exclusivity of the project, then the high prices might be reasonable for the investors.

There are many blocks in the society, and the blue world city payment plan is also different in each block. Some blocks are exclusive and have the highest prices, and some are designed for the general public with the most reasonable prices. However, there is a guarantee that one can get value for the money they have paid and all the residents of the society have equal access to all the facilities and amenities. 

Blue World City NOC

if we discuss the blue world city NOC status, you can rest assured that it is a legal and approved project with the legal approval for the development and construction of various structures in society. So, you do not need to worry about the RDA-approved housing society. One can also check the legal status of the project from the official portal or website of the RDA against the reference number of the project. 

Blue World City Features

The last but not the least thing that we consider important to mention about society is its features. Blue world city owners & developers have introduced all the features that are required to make this society a tourist destination and the first purpose-built tourist city. It has all to offer you that is of international standard and offers the most serene environment to the residents.

Among the most prominent blue world city features are the development of world-class replicas. People who cannot go to different countries to see those replicas can enjoy all those structures, such as Burj Al Arab, Horse Mascots, Blue Mosque and many more in the Blue World City. 

Moreover, in the neighborhood of Blue World City, there is another housing society which is known as the Rudn Enclave. It is a residential scheme that is developing in the vicinity of the water bodies and offering the most liveable space to the residents. 

Final Thought

In the article, we have discussed the essential details about Blue World City Islamabad, one of the best residential societies in the twin cities. It has the maximum potential of offering you the highest return on investment. So, we will strongly suggest you invest in this project without a second thought. For investment purposes, you can also contact Sapphire Properties, no.1 real estate marketing company. 

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