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Why do You Need A Wholesale Order Writing App?

by Uneeb Khan
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Being online is a must for all businesses, be it in any industry. It is important to be visible on the internet to increase e-commerce sales, brand awareness, and customer connection as a retailer. Retailers are not the only ones to benefit. Wholesalers also have tremendous potential of positioning themselves in the online market. Mobile sales include around 30% of the total e-commerce sales. Research also proves that about 49% of the B2B buyers use their mobile phones for product research. So why not give them the option to order the product they like at the same time. Here are five top reasons why you need a wholesale order writing app.

Customer Convenience

If you are a wholesale distribution company, you will already have a few ways in which the customer will order your products. What will happen if the customers can order the products conveniently through their smartphones? Most of your customers will have one thing in common. That is the usage of their mobile phones daily. Having your business’ online order writing app on their phone’s screen will make it more than convenient for them to order the stuff from your brand.

Efficient Ordering

With the location, time, and device restrictions are removed, the order placing process becomes convenient for the customers. But with an app that allows the customer to order in different ways as per their convenience, you will be able to offer a fast and easy-to-navigate catalog and better features, such as repeat orders from the order history or ordering from your favorites. Such features will help make your app be more user-friendly that will ultimately help in increasing your sales. So if you have an app to support your e-commerce business, it will help your business rise.

Better Customer Service

Customers do not always place their orders immediately they like something. They will do some product research, check the pricing elsewhere, or their account information. These queries can take unnecessary time for the customer. Giving them access to your digital catalog through your smartphone by allowing them to search the product name or categories will help them find exactly what they want. When the customers will be able to access their account information like invoices, it will not allow them to find what they need. Not only this, but it will also free your staff from solving their queries via calls.

Marketing Opportunities

A business needs to keep in touch with its customers and make them know what it is all about. With a mobile app displaying daily offers and allowing your customers to have a look at the marketing blogs, social media blogs, and videos, your customer service will improve. That will further better your overall marketing efforts. Just your logo on their mobile screens will also keep your business in their minds.

Choice and Flexibility

B2B buyers like to have an omnichannel process when they place online orders. Mobile phones supplement the buying processes rather than bring the traditional processes down. It makes it easy for the customers to use all these channels to fulfill their buying needs. Offering different digital ordering options from the e-commerce portals and apps to your customers gives them the flexibility to make and take an order anywhere and everywhere.

Why is Branding Important for B2B?

Branding plays a crucial role in all business organizations. It communicates and establishes the core values of a particular organization. Here are some subtle ways in which B2B transactions can influence your sales: –

  • Introduce You to New Customers – Branding helps you make a good first impression. For a potential buyer considering buying a product you sell, his first encounter with your brand will create an impression even if he doesn’t buy anything from you.
  • Emotional Impact – When it is not easy to make decisions in the case of B2B buying, the client might make an emotional decision. It allows you to make an emotional impact on the customer via powerful b2b branded commerce.
  • Familiarity Advantage – The first step in any relationship is familiarity. Both digital branding and traditional branding are efficient tools for a business. But they can sometimes lead to missed opportunities. B2B branding is a powerful way to catch the user’s attention in the digital world.

How Will an E-commerce Software Help in the Growth of Your Business?

In the world of technology, being digital is not a choice for businesses but a necessity. In the past, businesses were dependent on their sales representatives to drive their sales. E-commerce is now an amazing alternative channel for the sales of a company. It increases a business’s global viability, internal site research and offers quick checkout for the customers.

E-commerce simplifies marketing execution. That is because it combines customer data and business. Businesses can drive their sales with sales promotion activities like search engine optimization, sales announcements, etc.,


If your business still has wholesale order writing app on its wish list, there is no better time to get it now. Increase the overall viability, sales, and profits of your business with it. You can get in touch with MarketTime for e-commerce software.

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