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Why Alghubaiba is the best service provider for your AC and Fridge?

by Jan Sher
Ac services in Silicon Oasis

AC and fridges are crucial to every home and workplace. There is no one to spend their summers under the burning sun without them, especially the fridge. Every appliance needs repair and service from time to time. Sometimes replacement of parts is required rather than repair. It is due to some parts becoming very old and providing low efficiency and consuming more electric energy. For installation, repair, and replacement of parts there is Alghubaiba provides you with the best Ac services in Silicon Oasis and Fridge services in Sports City. They provide you with quality but cheap replacement parts if needed.

Superbly perfect Ac services in Silicon Oasis to make necessary replacement of AC parts:

If your AC not working perfectly there may be some parts that are too old and have completed their time of efficiency. Here are a few parts which may need replacement.

Air filters:

Air filters need to be replaced 4 to 6 times a year to get clean air. It is necessary if there is any patient with asthma or any other breathing issue, as they are responsible to provide you with clean and fresh air.


An AC is more than 80 percent comprises of capacitors, motors, wiring, and fans. If you face any issue with even one of them, replace that immediately by calling an expert AC service.

Blower Motor:

Problems with the blower motor or fan motor take place due to the extended use of AC in summer. If you feel any burning smell from your air conditioner call a skilled service team. Do not risk to handover this problem to an inexpert person as it can create damage or more issues.

Evaporator Coils:

Normally evaporator coils give less efficient performance when they are dirty and required cleaning. But sometimes they got damaged and need to be replaced by someone expert.


To increase the life of the compressor your AC needs regular cleaning and service. If it does not so then the compressor have to handle a heavy workload and get high temperature. As a result, sometimes it burns and needs to be replaced. 

Refrigerator Parts That May Need Replacement perfectly by Fridge services in Sports City:


It works as a monitor to take readings of temperature and let the fridge produce cooling when needed.


It is under the control of the user. They can adjust the temperature of a fridge according to need.


Tells the temperature of a refrigerator on which fridge is working currently.

Light bulbs:

There are different bulbs are used in the fridge. In some refrigerators, 40-watt bulbs are used, and in others 60-watts. In some advanced refrigerators, LED bulbs are used. If It got fused, your food would be left in the dark and difficult to see. In this case it bulb needs replacement.


A compressor is a crucial part of a fridge as it is responsible for the production of cooling inside the fridge and absorption of heat and then sending it outside the fridge. Timely service and replacement of compressor are necessary if needed.


The liquid Also called coolant let the refrigerator cool inside by expelling the heat out from the unit. When feeling refrigerant coils heated on the back of the fridge it means refrigerant transfers heat from the inside to the coils outside. If there is any fault in the coolant, replacement is crucial.


Many of the parts are responsible for maintaining cooling inside the fridge. One of them is a condenser. It is placed outside. In case of any fault in it, delay in replacement can b a risk.

Concluding thoughts:

Let Alghubaiba your home appliances maintained and efficient by providing the best Ac services in Silicon Oasis and Fridge services in Sports City. They are just a call away from you.

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