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What type of UPS system is suitable for use with generator?

by Uneeb Khan
Generator and UPS Compatibility

Do you have a generator available in case of a prolonged power outage? If you connect a generator to your UPS system, you can get the most out of it. However, there is more than one type of UPS. It is important to choose the right type that works well with your generator.

Generator and UPS Compatibility

Generators typically exhibit irregularities and variations in their voltage and frequency ranges; when the UPS tolerance is exceeded, the load continues to run on the UPS and eventually discharges the battery. This scenario is typical of stand-alone or line-interactive UPS systems.

Dual-conversion in-line UPS systems work differently and we recommend this type of UPS for use with generators. Inline UPS systems convert AC power from the grid or generator into a filtered DC power supply. Which is then converted back to AC power with a pure sine wave. This is the clean power supply required for sensitive devices. Another advantage is that the online UPS system filters out frequency variations during daily operations. So that the life of the batteries is not shortened for that hire electrocution.

When it comes to compatibility between the generator and the UPS, size is the key.

Standby generators must have a suitable output for computers. And can only be designed for computer applications protected by a UPS. In addition, the continuous power of the generator must be at least twice the power rating of the UPS used. Inrush currents can cause the UPS to switch between AC, battery, and bypass mode. When connected devices are turned on and off; this can be avoided if the generator size is large enough relative to the UPS capacity.

Do not forget the grounding.

When you disconnect the UPS from the mains to the generator, you also disconnect it from the ground. The reason for this is that the current that is normally directed to the ground by the UPS is routed through the power cable in a different path and thus passes through other devices.

You should consult with the equipment manager or a local electrician. To ensure that there are no safety or liability issues. The installation must be grounded and compliant with legislation. To minimize the risk of equipment damage, data loss, or electrical shock.

We explain how to choose the right UPS for your generator.

If you are not sure which UPS system to buy, we at www.multilinkeng.com can help you find the right system for your generator.


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