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What to do in case of poisoning by human ingestion?

by Uneeb Khan

At this point, it is necessary to pay close attention, bearing in mind that a mistake can cost us or our family our lives. Avoid placing the box or the poison units near the food we eat daily, in this way, no one will take it by mistake.

Nor is it advisable to store it within the reach of children under 8 years of age who are unaware of its toxicity or the risks of ingesting it. At the slightest suspicion of possible ingestion, he goes to the emergency room. Some of the compatible symptoms are usually:

  • Nosebleed.
  • Confusion, lethargy, or brain damage from bleeding.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • State of shock.
  • Low blood pressure.

Purchase criteria

It is important to analyze the options offered by the market to acquire the best rat poison that best suits your requirements. Next, we present a series of aspects to consider.

Speed ​​of action

All products of this type promise that the rodent will die in short periods of time, but it is important to analyze the delay in taking effect of each product. Depending on the packaging, the number of days to wait for it to take effect is 3-4 days, while user feedback suggests that it actually takes 5-6 days.

The reality is that this factor depends on the size of the animal and the state of mind. It is advisable to check and remove any objects that may serve as food so that you are forced to eat the rat poison.

             Ratibrom 2 from Impex EuropaProtect Home for wet areas formulation by SBM and BayerBIOTRENDS Warin´S 3.0 Rodenticide in Fresh Bait manufactured by SANYS
Number of rodents1 to 4 rodents.4 to 10 rodents.More than 10 rodents.
Packing sizeSmall.Intermediate.Big.
Container content in grams500 g1,000g3,000g
For use inClosed spaces of the house.Small garden and exteriors.Large spaces.


Something we should pay attention to is the percentage of bromadiolone. This is the chemical compound that the poison contains to kill the rodent.

The average percentage, and therefore that recorded by the rat poison companies, is 0.0029%. Remember to handle the product with gloves or material that protects your body, since it is also harmful to other living beings.


With regard to the variants of rat poison we can find different alternatives. We find poison in grains, paste, powder, or ovules. Some of these have micro-perforated bags or bait holders inside the packaging for less exposure.

The efficacy of the product does not differ in terms of the format, but it is important to choose the option that least exposes us to come into contact with the poison to avoid unnecessary risks. Users choose the grain format more frequently and to a lesser extent powder.


The product we are purchasing is not a perfume. For the most part, rodenticides are unscented. However, at this point we will emphasize avoiding the purchase of this type of items with scents.

Children and animals may be tempted to eat something that has a pleasant smell. This is why the more odorless the poison, the better it will be. Thus, it will go unnoticed in a better way.


When we refer to accessories we refer mainly to the ease of application that each product in question brings. For the most part, in addition to the poison, bait boxes or individual size bags are attached to the packaging.

The bait holder fulfills an important function. By placing the food in that space, we can measure the amount of poison ingested. In the case of the boxes, the missing pieces are noted. As for the bags, check for holes.


To conclude, rat poison is a very useful element, but at the same time dangerous. Remember to take sufficient precautions such as wearing gloves and a bait holder. Avoid preparing it in a domestic way and keep the product away from children and animals.

Keep in mind that improper handling or ingestion can put the lives of animals and people at risk. If this article has helped you, feel free to leave a comment.

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