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What qualities should a folding (pocket) knife have?

by Uneeb Khan
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Folding knives are one of the most common knives among hobbyists. Modern technologies make it quite reliable and strong. The great popularity of folding knives is due to their compactness; pocket knives can be carried in almost any situation and in any condition.

There is a certain set of parameters that a folding knife must have for it to be convenient to use and transport. This article will give some tips to help you choose a folding (pocket knife). also at the end of the article, you can find out where you can buy a folding knife that meets all modern requirements. 

Blade length

According to many users, the optimal blade length for a folding knife is 8-10 cm. This blade length is quite enough to perform a variety of tasks. At the same time, the overall dimensions will not be too large, which is very convenient for transportation. 

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Knife weight

To make the knife convenient and comfortable to wear every day, it should weigh no more than 150 grams. Many buyers say that their collections have heavy knives over 150 grams that are on the shelf because they are simply difficult to carry. The recommended weight should be 90-120 grams. With this weight, the knife will not be felt on the trouser pocket and will not cause discomfort when worn. 

Knife lock type

The knife lock is a very important design element; the reliability of the knife and the safety of the owner’s hands depend on the type and quality of the lock. Most often there are such knife locks:

  1. Liner Lock;
  2. Frame Lock;
  3. Back lock.

They provide sufficient reliability for most jobs. 

Steel on the blade

There are many knife sheets of steel. And everyone decides how much money he is willing to spend on a knife. Conventionally, steel can be divided into a cheap segment, medium, and high. The most popular knives with steels of medium quality, such as:

  1. 440 C;
  2. 8Cr13MoV;
  3. 9Cr18MoV;
  4. D2;
  5. VG 10.

They provide an optimal degree of retention of the sharpness of the blade and allow the blade not to rust. 

All other parameters, such as the shape of the blade, design, and color are purely individual. Everyone can choose for himself what he likes based on the above recommendations.

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