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What is The Role of Dissertation Discussion?

by Uneeb Khan
What are the Role of Dissertation Discussion

A dissertation discussion is important to interpret and elucidate the findings of your research study. It connects understanding the research problem before the investigation and a newly emerged understanding after the investigation. Furthermore, the discussion rearranges the introduction part of your paper and depicts clearly how your paper builds the understanding of the reader step by step. According to experts of dissertation writing services UK, a  discussion is a way forward for your research study. It includes the interpretation, opinions, implications, suggestions, and predictions for future research.

Some Role of Dissertation Discussion

1. Engages Reader:

First of all, the dissertation discussion engages the reader to think critically about the problem. The reader studies the interpretations of key findings and formulates logical conclusions. So, Evidence-based interpretations in the discussion open up the reader’s mind to have a better grasp of the problem.

2. Highlights Importance of Study:

The dissertation discussion is the watershed point in highlighting the importance of your study. Furthermore, it demonstrates the contribution of your research study in understanding the problem in the field of research. Hence, discussion increases the value of your research study.

3. Reiterates The Research Questions:

The dissertation discussion reinforces the research problem you are investigating. It also reiterates the methods you are using to conduct the research study. This is how the discussion connects the reader with the introduction section of the research study. In addition, it also contains the key findings of your research study. So, Key findings spark the reader’s mind and intact the reader’s interest. Reiterating the research questions and mentioning the key findings can increase the audience of your research paper.

4. Evaluate The Findings:

The dissertation discussion systematically explains and evaluates the key findings of your research study. Moreover, it also tells the reader the meaning of your findings and why they are significant to mention. It will help the reader think critically and reach a logical conclusion. You cannot force the reader to go through your paper several times to understand the whole scenario. The discussion can also highlight the unexpected or unanticipated key findings to facilitate the reader. Moreover, the discussion tries to explain the findings as much as possible to clear the ambiguities of the reader.

5. Compares and Relate the Findings with Other Identical Studies:

The dissertation discussion relates the significant findings to similar studies to develop a holistic view of your study problem. It mentions the comparative analysis of your research studies and other similar studies. You can also cite more important references in the discussion instead of citing in the literature review section. So, It will help you to compare your findings.

6. Unfolds The Limitations of Studies:

Every research study has some kind of limitation. So one of the important roles of the dissertation discussion is to unfold the limitations of studies. Unfolding the limitations of studies add credibility to your research paper. There can be some other factors that can influence the findings of your research study. Therefore, all these factors must be considered in the discussion. The reader requires to need limitations that might affect the result of the research paper. It specifies the limitation of research methods to give a better idea of the situation. It entails the problems and obstacles the researcher encountered to collect the data. So, It makes your research study more realistic and reliable. Research methods can vary from person to person that can produce different findings. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and unfold the limitation of studies.

7. Gives Recommendations for Future Studies:

Most of the time, dissertation discussion is concluded by recommending future studies. It tells the reader the need for conducting future studies. The discussion allows you to address other areas of the problem which remain unaddressed. It also looks into new issues that emerged from the data that were initially not part of your research study. It allows the future researcher to learn the best practices to conduct the research study. So, It can also help in improving a situation in future for conducting a research study. The other most important thing is that recommendations should tell the areas where you could not work, and future research must focus on those areas.

In a Nutshell:

There is a central role of dissertation discussion in the research study. It contains the main tenets of your research study. You need to err on the side of caution while writing the discussion section of the dissertation. It is the embodiment of your whole research study. Therefore, you need to focus on the goals of the dissertation section. You need to make it concise and clear by avoiding repetitions.

Final Thoughts

You can use subheadings to organize your discussion or write your dissertation discussion thematically. To cut the long story short, discussion is the crux of your research study.

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