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What exactly is Web 3.0, how does it work as well as why it is so important to us?

by Uneeb Khan
Web 3.0 Development Company

What exactly is Web 3.0?

  • We can describe Web 3.0 as the decentralized version of the internet built upon blockchain technologies. It’s all about data ownership, transparency and freedom.
  • Web 3.0 As the title suggests is the new phase or the most recent phase of the development in the world of technology. Web 3 or Web 3.0 was created on the idea of creating a completely decentralized network. The new technology dimension is based on harnessing the capabilities to harness the power of A.I., machine learning and cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain to tackle the issues of today’s internet and online ecosystem.
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The difference between web1.0,web2.0,web3.0

Web 1.0Web 2.0Web 3.0
The internet was the first to be introduced. usage , such as Home pages and so on.Let people publish and share their work including blogs, wikis, etc.Offers users a customized experience when searching on the internet Live streams, live streaming etc.
Most of them are static web pages that are not interactive to exchange dataThe growth of social media platforms which continues to growIt makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create a specific search experience for the user.
Focus on the companyCommunity goalFocus on the individual
The majority of people read onlyRead and writePersonal and portable
It also incorporates banner adsUtilizes interactive adsIt focuses on advertising that is based on behavior.
Costs based upon page viewsCost per clickCosts are based on engagement with the user
Ownership of informationSharing informationConsolidating information
Utilizes Web FormsHas Web ApplicationsComprises Smart Applications
Britannica OnlineWikipediaThe Semantic Web
Uses directoriesTags used for useBased on user behavior, it determines the identity of the user.

Why is Web 3.0 important to us?

Companies such as Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon are using our data to make revenue. Security concerns are a constant in these circumstances and we are not able to control our data. With the advent of Web 3.0, we can control our data. It is possible to sell our data to these companies without losing privacy and ownership. Let’s examine some benefits which Web 3.0 offers:

  • Data ownership – Users are the owners of their personal information. Blockchain is the foundation for Web 3.0, one can guarantee privacy and security of your data.
  • Decentralization – By joining an uncentralized network, one can ensure control over one’s personal data and can trade his data without being monitored.
  • Personalization – Through integrating most recent technologies, such as that of the Internet of Things (IoT) along with ML, AI, Web 3.0 can give users a more enjoyable and more personalized experience.
  • Uninterrupted service. Since there isn’t a single source of authority, any one is free to publish their thoughts without worrying about their accounts being shut down or restricted.
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What is the process behind Web 3.0 work?

  • With the advantages Web 3.0 can offer, it’s more interesting to learn more about how it operates. In the previous paragraph the core to Web 3.0 is blockchain. The advantages of Web 3.0 are built on the blockchain base.
  • First, let us understand the definition of blockchain. In a simple way Blockchain is a collection of information blocks which form a system that is not able to be changed, erased or hacked. Once a block of electronic information is created, it’s connected to the prior block on the timeline. The process continues for the next block. Blockchain is a digital repository of data that is shared, but it is not modified or erased. Therefore, there is no central system of control within the blockchain. This is a feature that ensures confidentiality and security of our personal information.
  • Blockchain’s decentralization technology gives it the basis for the creation of Web 3.0. Through the integration of AI, IoT and ML to Web 2.0 and using blockchain technology, Web 3.0 will provide a distinct and customized user experience.
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The advantages of Web 3.0:

  • Data connectivity is expanding: Semantic web will help to connect online information.
  • Proficient looking
  • Better to show.
  • Making the most of your online items
  • Change from an entity with an abundance of information of many users or users, to distribute data to all and having greater control over it for everyone.
  • Making the internet more secure.
  • There is a greater scope for all particularly creators of content on the internet.
  • Smart contracts that make safe transactions with one another there is no requirement for a middleman or an agent.
  • More effective web browsing.
  • Compelling correspondence.
  • Change human collaboration.
  • More accurate and precise search results that are more accurate and reliable.
  • Internet surfing becomes more simple as the internet can be personalized.
  • Sharing knowledge is much easier.

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