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What Are the Services Provided for Chinese Takeout Boxes?

by Uneeb Khan
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Chinese takeout boxes have a specific style that many food brands prefer to package delivery and takeaway products. Their shapes and styles are almost constant, yet many customizations are available for them. You can find many of these packages with remarkable designs and finishing that help enhance their visual appeal. Want to know these and other services in detail? Here are some other customizations available for these packages.

Customized themes and artworks

The themes and artworks of Chinese food boxesare customizable, which is an exciting service of these packages. It is possible due to modern printing technologies available these days. Offset printing is available that helps businesses get fascinating results and boost colors on these boxes. It is also possible to use silkscreen printing in this matter. Printing complex graphics with these technologies is not possible. Digital printing technique is available for those graphics. It is possible to print complex artworks and illustrations with this technique. Businesses can also connect their colors and illustrations with the type of eatable item going to be in them.  

Vital finishing

Modern finishing options are available for Chinese take-out packages. This service stands out among others as it can give a unique look to the packaging. You can use different types of finishing techniques on them. The most popular service in this matter is embossing and debossing. You will also find many of them with matte or gloss laminations. Soft-touch and textured laminations are also possible. Texture can also be made using a spot UV coating. A metallic foiling service is available to make them look premium. All these customizations help improve the overall persona of packaging.   

Inside waxing

Safety of products is enhanced by getting inside waxing service when getting Chinese takeout boxes wholesaleThis coating is generally done inside the boxes to prevent leakage. Especially, in case a moist or liquid product is going to be in them. Waxing is also beneficial to keep the eatable item safe from entering pores of cardboard or Kraft sheet. People can clean the box after taking their meal. After that, they become reusable in their daily life. They are also customizable in different ways. This coating also prevents moisture from outside that can affect the meal.

Fascinating images

Printing images on Chinese takeout packages is possible by using a digital printing service. Other printing technologies are also available if a picture doesn’t have complex graphics. Businesses generally print images on them to enhance their visual appeal. Images can communicate value to customers, which is a vital reason why many brands look for printing them. For this purpose, they also use embossing or spot UV coating to highlight printed parts. It helps them in making their packages appealing for their loyal and also their potential customers.

Add-ons for safety

Many brands obtain this service to place customized add-ons in these packages for extra safety. It is not a common practice but, some brands find it vital. Add-ons such as dividers and trays are used for this purpose. A significant reason behind this thing is to package more than one eatable item in a single packaging. Dividers and trays help in keeping them separate inside a box. It doesn’t only keep them safe from mixing, but also keep their fragrance preserved.

Dedicated handless

Brands often opt for adding dedicated handles when buying Chinese food boxes wholesaleIt is a common service many of them get as it helps their customers in carrying them. These handles can be manufactured with cardboard or Kraft stock. Packaging manufacturers can make them on the same sheet with die-cut technology. However, you will also find metallic handles on them. They look more premium than cardboard handles. Their shape is also customizable. Most of them come in round or rectangular shapes though. They can obtain this service as an optional one.

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Personalized size

Size customizations are among the most common services businesses demand in Chinese food packages. Every restaurant has a different set of rules and quantities they offer to their customers. The number of food items they want to package in a single box varies as well. It is a significant reason why they seek customizations in size. It is a bit tricky to personalize their size as their base is smaller than their opening at the top side. Restaurants need to calculate the volume of eatable items they want to package before finalizing their size.

Chinese takeout boxes are among the most popular packaging solutions in the food industry. Customizing them is possible in many ways these days. Different types of services are available to customize them fascinatingly. These were some of them you can utilize in different ways to get various benefits. 

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