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What Are The Maintenance Measurements For A Shaggy Rug? 

by Uneeb Khan
Shaggy Rugs Dubai

Soft floorings are tricky, but a shaggy rug demands fifty times more maintenance than all other types. A shag is a fluffy rug with a load of fibers with different fiber lengths and types to offer the maximum plush under the feet. Most people place them near their sitting areas so that they can rest their feet on the shaggy fluff. 

Because of its uncountable fiber fluff, Shaggy Rugs Dubai captures dirt particles and cleans the entire atmosphere. But, the immediate need of the hour is to get rid of those unwanted dirt particles and stubborn stains that it can hold tightly. There are different daily and monthly cleaning measures to properly manage your shaggy rugs for their luxurious appearance and durability. 

Daily And Monthly Shag Cleaning Schedule For Maintaining Its Luxurious Looks

Some measurements can be used daily for shaggy extended rug maintenance, but some tricky cleaning methods are better followed after a month; otherwise, you may damage the entire appearance of your comfortable rug. All the treatments are briefly explained to make the entire procedure understandable and accessible. 

1. Daily Or Alternate Days Cleaning Schedule 

Most soft rugs do not demand a daily care procedure but depending on the fiber type and length, they can appear dull. You must follow a proper daily cleaning routine if your fluffy rug requires daily or alternate-day maintenance. 


Other carpet and rug types can go fit with vacuuming, but double-vacuuming is required to catch the actual dirt from the fibers of the soft shaggy rug. 

Micro-Fiber Brushing

A customized brush with the exact bristle size as the rug fiber will do wonders. But carefully brush the rug in the same direction to avoid fiber loss.

Dab Your Shaggy Rug

A nylon or polyester cloth texture is used to dab a fluffy rug for daily cleaning purposes. Remember that gentle dabbing is required; no need to go harsh. 

2. What To Do When Your Rug Fibers Got Flat?

It is tough to throw your favorite rug just because it got flat. No need to make such heart-breaking decisions because we are here with a cure to make your rug fluffy again. 

  • Take a towel and dip it into the tub containing lukewarm water.
  • After five minutes, place the same towel on your flat rug.
  • Pour some hot water on the towel and then blow dry it.
  • Use a spoon or fork to regain the fluffy look properly.

3. Shag Caught A Stubborn Stain?

Worrying about getting rid of the stubborn stain that is not ready to leave your fluffy shag? Here is the solution mentioned below to blow off your tensions.

People use different DIY techniques to regain the luxurious looks of their soft shaggy rugs; the two most popular methods are explained well to make it easy for you guys.

  • This is the lukewarm water and white vinegar method that is very helpful in restoring the stain-less appearance of your fluffy rug. Take them both in a fifty-fifty ratio and mix them well. Pour it on the stain or use a towel to apply the mixture on the stain gently. This way stain will lose its interactivity, and you can remove it easily with a spoon’s help.
  • The other method is to mix a chemical-less detergent in hot water. Apply this solution to the stain and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Simply micro-brush the rug, and you are all set.

4. Hair And Dirt Particles Went To The Shag Base? 

Bringing baking soda on the rug is preferable to make it hair free. Hair leaves the base area and moves forward with baking soda particles. Natural fiber shaggy rug is easy to maintain, but shag rugs usually come with strong synthetic fibers that do not get a fiber bundle loss with hair or dirt and less care. 

5. A Monthly Treatment For Fluffy Rugs | Cause No Trouble

Better to go for an alternate rug cleaning routine followed by monthly maintenance to avoid problems. Steam cleaning a rug properly is the trendy monthly care routine. You can also book professional expert maintenance services for your rug but if it is not possible, try to wash it with a chemical-free cleaner. A washing machine cleaning is also suitable to be followed after a month. If you want to book professional maintenance services for your rug then visit shaggyrugs.ae.

Preventive Measurements For A Long-Lasting Shaggy Rug

  • Never use a heavy beater bar for cleaning an overloaded fiber rug.
  • Only apply monthly cleaning methods once a month; otherwise, you end up losing the dye and fiber bundle of the rug.
  • Take proper care while buying a rug cleaner, and monitor its description. It should not contain chemicals if you want your rug to stay longer.
  • Keep them off furniture or in an area of high foot traffic to avoid later troubles.

Come To An End

A shaggy rug provides the most comfortable feel, and that’s why it demands a proper maintenance routine for its luxurious appearance. Daily and weekly care routines should be added to keep it long-lasting. Avoid chemical-containing cleaners and invest your time in giving them attention by applying a suitable DIY method for their look maintenance. 

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