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What are some mind-blowing facts related to technology?

by Jan Sher
What are some mind-blowing facts related to technology

Technology has come a long way and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. The life that we live today, started somewhere with thought and lots of mechanics being applied together. Now we have the internet, smartphones, computers, and everything that we can imagine. It is consistently evolving and better versions of every gadget come out now and then.

Our everyday lives, to the businesses, all depend on technology now. We can work remotely, during the pandemic; thanks to technology. A business can now have exceptional customer service as well. For instance, Mediacom customer service offers several channels for the users to reach out to them, be it a simple phone call, an email, or an online bill payment. This all became possible due to technology.

Now that we are all surrounded by technology, it would be interesting to know what are some mind-blowing facts related to technology. If you are intrigued like we are, then keep reading.

  • The First Website Ever!

The first step in technological advancement was the first website ever that allowed universal access to a large number of universal documents.  In 1989 designed by Tim Berners-Lee this first website gave the world wide web or in simple words “THE INTERNET”.

  • The First Phone Ever!

The first-ever mobile phone was released in 1983 by Motorola the Dyna TAC 8000x which precisely coasted $3995. Charging this device took 10 hours and it could only store 30 phone numbers. It was a breakthrough. Now the same cell phones are indispensable gadgets in people’s lives.

  • The First Computer Ever!

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first computer completed in 1945. ENIAC’s running cost was $500,000. ENIAC ran about 50% of the time and experienced downtime for tube replacements as it was relied on Octal-base radio tubes to function which burned out on daily basis.

  • Viruses & Malicious Programs

The latest computers are found with about 350,000 new viruses and malicious programs each day. This could be malware a virus or just some unwanted application.

  • Alexa’s Recordings

We all know about the famous Alexa voice created by Amazon but what we don’t know is that these devices store conversations with the device in a cloud. Each Echo relies on the wake word -Alexa- to start recording conversations. Only the commands spoken to the device are stored by Amazon and are allegedly used to only improve the AI experience.

Tip: To save yourself from hackers make sure to always delete your conversation with Alexa.

  • The GPS’ Cost

GPS has made maps accessible to everyone around the world. GPS is used by millions every day for finding the right location and the route leading to it. In 2021 the funds required for the efficient running of GPS was almost 1.8 million.  The GPS however remains free as per US Law.

  • The First Phone Call Ever!

The first-ever phone call was made to Joel Engel at AT&T by Martin Cooper a Motorola researcher. The call was placed on a prototype device. The call was to let his rival know about his invention of a bona fide mobile phone.

  • American Waste Composition

Shockingly in America, E-waste comprises 70% of all toxic waste. Since almost 14 million mobile devices get disposed every year, and little do we know that these devices contain precious metals such as Silver and gold therefore annually, Americans toss $60 million into the trash, in the form of gold and silver.

  • The Most Common Password

The most common password in the world is none other than “123456”.

  • The Most Common Break-Up Cause

The Journal of CyberPsychology, Behavior and Social Networking that investigated relationship break up rates has found out that the most common reason was the excessive use of social media. Indeed, both physical and emotional cheating can easily be tracked through Facebook or any other social media interaction. Another study conducted by a British attorney concluded Facebook can affect people in committed relationships and even offer tips on how to avoid splitting up.

Tip: If you want a happy relationship staying away from Facebook would be the first step to it.

  • The Greatest Bitcoin Loss

James Howells mined 7500 bitcoins in 2009. The guy should be able to buy an island. In a few years as the value of cryptocurrency started to grow and Howells thought he owned a small fortune. Until in 2013 he realized that he had accidentally thrown away the drive. Based on today’s rate the drive would have been worth $375 million and you thought you were having a bad day?

Wrapping Up

It is always interesting to find new and fascinating information. Even by the end of it, we are feeling upset, and cannot get over the loss that James Howells went through.

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