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What Are Some Interesting Applications of Rfid Technology?

by Jan Sher
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RFID is an acronym for “radio frequency identification.” RFID technology is used in various applications, including tracking and tracing goods, secure identification for people and animals. And automated payment systems at toll booths and self-service checkouts.

Exciting Applications of Rfid Technologies

Here are a few exciting examples of where RFID is being used in the real world:

Public transportation

RFID technologies are being used to help cities track the movement of buses and trains to improve efficiency and service. Some systems can even monitor passenger behaviour and identify safety risks. For instance, a passenger in an emergency can press the emergency button on a tag located on the strap of their bag or wallet. That alerts the system to assist as quickly as possible.

Supply chain management

RFID UHF tags can help companies track and manage their supply chains to ensure that products are delivered efficiently, accurately, and on time. This helps companies better control costs by minimizing waste and losses due to theft, spoilage, and other errors.

Automated retail

The use of RFID technology is helping to transform the way consumers shop. Stores use RFID scanners to track customer purchases as they walk through the store, automatically recording information about their selections and where they are located.

Enterprise asset management

RFID technology can be used to help identify and track assets such as computers, phones, and other equipment in an enterprise environment. It can be used to identify missing or lost assets and help reduce the cost of equipment repairs by helping to locate the purchase before repairs begin. It can also manage inventory and automatically update data in real-time as assets are added and removed.


RFID technology can help improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs by improving the accuracy of patient identification procedures and reducing medication administration errors. An RFID system can also help prevent lost or stolen medical equipment. By allowing medical staff to locate it quickly and easily.

Common uses of RFID

Automating the tagging of goods and products is one of the most common uses of RFID. When packages and containers are placed in the hands of customers, tags can be attached and scanned.

This information can then be added to the product’s master record in the inventory management system. This same process can also be used to track the movement of goods. Through distribution centres and warehouses and then onto store shelves.

It can also be used to improve supply chain visibility by giving businesses insight into the location and status of their products in transit as well as information about the performance of their suppliers.

Tracking in Inventory System

RFID allows retailers and manufacturers to track the movement and management of physical inventory, such as stock items within stores, eliminating manual inventory counts. The RFID tags can be attached to physical objects and wirelessly. To communicate their location to a reading device in real time.

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