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Want To Make Your Living Room Kid Friendly? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Uneeb Khan

Want to create a living room that exudes a pretty appealing vibe? At the same time, also want your living room to boast of practicality so that it stays kids-inclusive? 

Well, this struggle is real. Kids are the soul of your family and of course, they tend to be part of every room, including living space. So, your living room must be designed keeping your little ones in mind. Gladly, there are plenty of ways to make your living area more kid-friendly without compromising on your space’s decor style

Let’s explore different tips and tricks. 

#1. Opt for kid-proof furniture: 

The very first step towards creating a kid-friendly living room is to eliminate furniture with sharp edges and corners. Thus, when shopping, look for tables that are round in shape. This will reduce the chances of accidents and will make your living space safer for kids to play around in. Furthermore, avoid occupying your living area with much furniture and only choose furniture pieces that come with soft cushioning. 

#2. Use Area Rugs: 

Bare floors are strict no when you have little kiddos in your home. This is because they invite the risk of being slipping or falling. For this, placing an area rug is an ideal option. Apart from saving your kids from mishaps, an area rug will provide them with an ample place to sit and play. Also, they are easy to clean or upgrade. Still, it is advisable to opt for dark-colored rugs to make your living room appear vibrant and clean at the same time. 

#3. Incorporate Hidden storage

When you have kids around, you good amount of hidden storage options in your living room must secure important items. Built-in storage under the staircase, dual-purpose ottomans, and under-chair storage baskets are some of the options you can consider to keep your essentials out of your kids’ view. From toys to cushions and single bedsheets to other bedding and what not you can use these hidden storage options for multiple purposes. They will help keep your living space clean, tidy, and attractive. 

Bonus Tips to Turn Your Living Room More Kid-Friendly

  •  Upholster your furniture with slipcovers so that you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting dirtied. 
  • Hang wall decoration items such that they are out of your kid’s reach. 
  •  Invest in quality fabrics that can withstand regular cleaning and also re-upholstering. 
  • Remove broken or shaky furniture.
  • Stick furniture to the wall.
  •  Hide wires and switchboards using coverings. 
  • Remove toys, remote or other accessories from the TV unit area. 
  •  Use soft seating options like poufs, bean bags, floor seating, and ottomans to make it convenient for your kids. 
  • ●          Reduce the clutter to minimal and secure or remove accessories that may be along your kid’s path.

I hope these simple tips and tricks help you create your living room kid-friendly. These ideas will enable you to create a functional space that is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

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