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Share Some Fun Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For 2021

by Uneeb Khan
Fun Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For 2021

With Christmas celebrations and Christmas party activities creating a buzz everywhere, event planners need to include the most worthy features that attendees will relish in the times to come.

Here’s a list of some vital and fun virtual Christmas celebration ideas that can make your event even more interesting;

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A game where you need to show and tell the name of the object. A thrilling and game filled with suspense, where attendees will have to roam in their houses to search for the particular object named by the emcee or the speaker. The scavenger hunt game items can be, for example;

  • A longline coat
  • A pair of white socks
  • A Santa hat
  • A family picture of a trip

Online Holiday Quiz or Trivia

It is an engaging virtual Christmas activity where attendees will have fun, learn new things, and have 2-way interactions. You can ask questions like;

  • Which is the next holiday destination that attendees would like to visit?
  • In which year did the Christmas celebrations begin?
  • What is the major significance of a Christmas tree?

These questions are great ways to keep everyone involved during the virtual quiz sessions. Do not forget to include live chat, audio & video tools to ensure the successful execution of these quiz sessions.

Virtual Townhall Meeting

It can be a vital part of virtual office party ideas to add more value to your online events. You can start the Christmas event with a formal meeting, where you can share the latest developments, notable wins, and recent updates of the company. It is a great way to reinforce the organizational culture and ensure that attendees feel content and satisfied as they prepare themselves to bid goodbye to 2021.

Virtual Holiday Beach Party

It’s holiday time! Time for everyone to unleash their stresses, tensions, and make the most of these online celebrations. So, to add more fun and excitement, you can keep a fun-loving beach or Christmas-themed background for cool and festive vibes. With the virtual environment exhibition holiday vibes, attendees can enjoy their mocktails and drinks.

Virtual Mixology Party

If you are looking for engaging virtual Christmas celebration ideas, then this is indeed one of them. It can spice up your virtual happy hours and make them super fun and memorable. You can also invite a mixologist expert who is able to keep the audience engaged with a different way of preparing a new holiday-themed mocktail or drink.

Invite a Professional Illusionist or Magician

Bringing a noble magician who can take the attendees in awe with their most interesting tricks is a great way to enhance audience engagement. You can hold a session of approximately 20-30 minutes the combination of a 3D environment and amazing magic tricks will create a bizarre event experience.

Holiday Movie Night

Everyone enjoying the same movie at a time, sounds interesting right? You can keep this as an important part of your virtual holiday party to add more fun. At the same time, you can insert features like clap, hoot, and emoticon that attendees can leverage to make the holiday night more remarkable. Implementation of top-notch features can be done rightly with the selection of an ideal virtual event platform, like Dreamcast.

Holiday/Christmas Fashion Show

With events and parties happening virtually, it does not mean you need to compromise any bit on the fun and excitement part. You can keep themes like a pajama party, the 80’s era, the western phase, or Christmas time. Attendees will have to dress up based on these themes. Later, you can keep this as healthy competition to add more thrill, where the best dresses attendee gets a discounted prize or reward.

Virtual Talent Show

We all know that physical events used to be super fun that included a stage, an emcee, and attendees getting immersed in the vibe. There used to be loud music and attendees joining the dance floor or the stage to exhibit their talent. While the rest of the crowd hooted or cheered for the participants, all of this happened without any barrier. Similarly, you can convert your virtual stage into an exact replica, where employees or attendees will have to show their best talent. It could be via dance, music, art, or something similar. The idea is to recreate the experiences of an on-site event or party.

Name That Holiday Tune

Want to add a fun factor to your virtual Christmas event? Including the “name that holiday tune” activity is an excellent means to encourage attendee engagement and involvement. You can split the attendees into groups or create breakout sessions. Then, the emcee needs to play holiday or Christmas songs, and attendees would have to guess the track or tune being played.

Holiday Icebreaker Activity

Virtual icebreakers are super engaging Christmas activities to interact and know your attendees. It is more like a casual chat where participants can ask questions or interact with each other using the real-time chat feature.

Your icebreaker questions can include;

  • Which is their favorite holiday destination?
  • What is their next year’s resolution?
  • Have they tried to lighten someone else’s festival?
  • Which is that one feature that attendees would like to change within themselves in the upcoming year?

Never Have I Ever

Another popular Christmas celebration idea that requires the involvement of each attendee. Here, attendees need to grab their drink and turn by turn start with “never have I ever……” followed with a phrase. This phrase can be, for example;

  • Been on a boat
  • fought in public
  • got stuck in a lift
  • won a lottery
  • crashed a wedding

Plan a Secret Santa

A Santa is supposed to add more charm to your Christmas parties. So, we cannot miss it even during our online holiday celebrations or Christmas events. Organizations can use this opportunity to show that they value their employees. They can send surprise gift boxes including a personalized note and Christmas wishes to make them feel special. Owing to Santa’s job, the companies can act as secret Santa to add more to the festive vibes.

Wrapping Up

We hope with these fun and engaging ideas, you’ll be able to host memorable virtual Christmas and holiday events. In the desire to begin with the right planning, make sure to choose your virtual event platform and its feature very carefully.

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