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Vehicle impounded by police- Release my vehicle

by Jan Sher
Impounded vehicle

If you have received an impound notice or your vehicle was impounded on suspicion of being driven without a valid driving license or insurance, here at Release my vehicle, you will find all the information on what to do if your vehicle was impounded by the police or other authorities because it was:

  • Stolen
  • Involved in an accident
  • Illegally parked
  • Involved in a crime
  • Driven dangerously
  • Causing an obstruction
  • Abandoned after an accident 

How can you reclaim your vehicle impounded by the police?

If your vehicle has been impounded and is being kept at one of the police pounds, you will receive a notice letter when it is ready for collection. This notice letter will consist of detailed instructions and let you know which police pound your vehicle is being kept at.

To reclaim your impounded vehicle, you will need to go to the right police pound to prove your ID and your ownership of the vehicle and pay any statutory charges.

What documents do you need to take to the pound?

Proof of valid ID which means either:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Immigration document

The police will not accept employers or a student ID.

Proof of ownership which includes

  • Logbook
  • A new keeper supplement with a bill of sale

A valid MOT

Unless the impounded car is removed from the police pound on a recovery truck it will require

  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Proof of pre-hired MOT appointment

Insurance certificate

If you don’t have a valid insurance policy you will not be able to drive the vehicle on the road. You should have to remove it from the police pound on a recovery truck.

If the registered owner is not collecting the vehicle

If the registered keeper of the vehicle can’t go to the police pound in person then someone else can collect it on their behalf. 

The person collecting the vehicle on your behalf should bring them the documents listed above and also:

  • An Authority Letter is signed by you providing the person the authority to collect on your behalf
  • A copy of the driving license or passport which can verify the signature on the authority letter
  • A valid certificate of insurance

Some important things to remember

The driver should Bring a set of keys in case the driver did not leave the keys in the vehicle. If the vehicle was in a clash and you are unsure it is roadworthy consider having it recovered by an authorized recovery operator.

You should take your vehicle to a garage for a safety check if you are getting it back after it was stolen. If the vehicle does not have the right number of plates and you are preparing on driving it, you should bring valid replacement plates when you release it.

Provisional driving license

If you are driving under a provisional license, you should bring someone who is 21 or more and has held a driving license for more than three years.

Payment of charges

Statutory fees apply to most vehicles removed to a police pound depending upon the reason for removal. These fees and charges are set by the government, not by the police, and differ depending on the weight and situation of the vehicle. Kindly note that the daily storage charges start from midday the day after the vehicle was impounded.

If you don’t want your vehicle back

If you do not intend to reclaim your vehicle, you should go to the police pound with proof of ID and proof of ownership. You should pay a disposal fee but you will not be asked to pay for the storage charges and outstanding removal. Once you have disclaimed the vehicle, it will be scrapped or auctioned. You will no longer be liable for insuring and taxing the vehicle.

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