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UPSC Prelims Test Series 2022

by Uneeb Khan
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The Preliminary Test is described as the most difficult and thrilling part of te Civil Services Examinations.

EDENIAS Academy is excited to announce the UPSC Prelims Test Series 2022 today.  The feedback we receive from the UPSC Test Series 2022 vouch for the excellence of the training offered to students for UPSC Prelims. We assist candidates by providing the most advanced and efficient method and teach them the techniques to pass exam questions. UPSC Prelims Test Series 2022 with our UPSC Test Series.

We have split our Prelims UPSC Online Exam Series to prepare for those who are preparing for the UPSC Prelims into various sections.

What are we focusing on:

  • Coverage of syllabus and concept building
  • Materials for study and revision
  • Current affairs-related publication and uploads
  • Lectures in the classroom and more
  • Various mock tests

EDEN IAS Academy follows a excellent approach to Prelims Test Series. Prelims Test Series as we provide lectures from experienced and highly skilled instructors, and explain answers and suggestions. 

EDEN IAS Academy is a leading organization on the test series for IAS with over 10 years of experience.

What is our top Prelims Test Series 2022 include?

  • 67 questions are reflected in UPSC Prelims, Prestorming 2021 and IAS Parliament website
  • 9 comprehensive CSAT tests
  • Orientation and Discussions for every test.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based analysis based on All India Ranking.
  • Exclusive test on Special Focus Areas like Schemes, Agriculture, etc
  • 18 classes on current affairs and 20 classes on specific subjects like Environmental Organizations, Environmental Governance, International Organizations, Art and Culture & Science and Technology.
  • Additional Materials – Decoded Syllabus and Analysis of UPSC Prelims Papers (Past 7 years) will be available.

Advantages of EDEN IAS Academy UPSC Prelims Online Test Series 2022:

The benefits of among the top UPSC Ethics Test series for Ethics by EDEN IAS Academy are;

  • A wide variety of sources: Very relevant and accurate to advanced patterns and strategies.
  • In-detailed solutions: Give the most effective answers and strategies to every question with thorough understanding and explanations.
  • All India Ranking: It assists in determining their level of preparation and also compete with other groups of aspirants who are talented.

The latest and comprehensive strategy is accompanied by a study plan. Each candidate is provided with a the schedule to adhere to regularly, which aids in solving the test quickly. It encourages candidates to learn more efficiently and helps them reach their goal, and ensures that the study is effective and consistent.

EDEN IAS Academy offers Online test series for UPSC for IAS hopefuls. There are units-specific GS exams, UPSC prelims mock tests and CSAT testing series in 2022. With more than a decade of expertise working in IAS teaching, EDEN IAS academy is an industry leader in IAS Prelims Testing Series.

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