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Upcoming Events in Chicago That Are Worth Attending This Christmas

by Uneeb Khan

Dude, what are your plans this Christmas? Are you planning to attend the same carols that take place in the church or staying back home listening to some songs with a glass of wine? Well, do something different this time. Pack your bags and move to Chicago, a city that is located on the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan. Explore the upcoming events in Chicago and spend some absolutely amazing and enjoyable time with your friends and family.

Here we have mentioned some events and places you cannot miss to attend. Continue reading and get going.

Where to visit in Chicago?

  1. Do not forget to get saucy this Christmas: We know there is so much to do on the eve of Christmas. But let’s step out of the box this time, and do something different. Attend the sauced set markets organized by different people coming from all parts of the world. Check out various cuisines, booze, listen to live music in Chicago, and make the most out of this time. If you are interested in visiting this place, visit the internet and gather all the important details. Also, there are no entry tickets for this place but you will have to pay for different food items, and other things.
  1. Drink beer: We bet you all have tried different types of beers including the mulled one but there is nothing better than attending the 12 bars of Christmas. This is a local bar that never shuts down. The beer they offer is mind blowing. It will get you high, and you will want to drink more and more. The best thing about their beers is they aren’t like the normal ones. The taste, the quantity, everything about the beer is wonderful. Therefore, if you are interested in checking out this place, add this to your checklist. The tickets to this bar are somewhere around $27.75 per person. Once you are done with the bar, check out concerts in Chicago. So many different people, bands, and artists from all over the world take immense pride in performing for the crowd. The music is literally magic to ears, and attending one this Christmas is surely cherry on the cake.
  2. Go out shopping: If you love purchasing different types of jewelry, then visiting the Cobra Lounge Massacre Market should be on the visiting list. The place not only showcases jewelries but different types of art and craft too. Hence, if you are someone who has keen interest in checking out art and craft, then this is the place for you. Browse through the internet if you want to gather more information about this place. This is one source of information that is pretty knowledgeable and informative.

When in Chicago, visit all the places mentioned in this article, especially this Christmas. We bet you will have an absolutely wonderful time ahead.

To know more about the places and events taking place in Chicago, have a word with the locals there. They will let you know about a pretty lot of things.

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