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Ultimate Retail Sales Guide: Using Planogram Software for Visual Merchandising

by Uneeb Khan
planogram software for visual merchandising

A planogram is essentially the visual merchandising map of your store. Based on customer shopping patterns and preferences, the planogram depicts the exact arrangement of merchandise inside the retail outlet. Designing a planogram manually or via MS Office is painstaking, outdated, and error-prone. In the fast-paced, highly competitive retail sector today, using the right planogram software for visual merchandising has become a necessity. A regularly updated planogram ensures that a retail store caters to its target audience promptly and effectively. 

Advantages of Planogram Automation

Be it for maximizing product visibility, luring customers, or boosting sales, intuitive visual merchandising can invigorate your retail store performance. As a retailer, bending the time curve by anticipating customer requirements before your competitors is the key to success. The last thing you want is for your visual merchandising campaign to be slowed down owing to sluggish planogram designing. Swift and accurate planogram creation can help you capitalize on the short opportunity window available to your team. Planogram automation involves the use of cutting-edge software that not only facilitates designing but also helps in the seamless transition from one pattern to the other. Here are the key advantages of planogram automation:-

  • The planogram designing phase and rollout time are cut down by half. This helps in quicker implementation of the visual merchandising plan on the shop floor level.
  • The use of planogram software for visual merchandising helps in the prompt creation of visual merchandising plans. This includes the latest offers, festive seasons, shopping trends, customer preferences, and so on. Cashing in on impulse purchases is only possible with a regularly updated planogram.
  • The manpower and resources required for envisaging regular planogram updates are considerably reduced. 
  • Using the right software minimizes the scope of errors in planogram designing.
  • AI-driven planogram creation ensures the uniformity of designs and allows real-time data incorporation in the model.
  • Compliance checks, approvals, and sharing of automated planograms are far easier than manual ones.

Important Considerations to procure Planogram Software for Visual Merchandising

For retailers who are keen on getting planogram software for visual merchandising, here are some important considerations:-

  • Always ensure that you select a planogram software that is customized as per your business structure. The number of stores in your retail chain, their geographical distribution, the average store size, and layout are important considerations. The average footfall, in-store traffic flow, and in-built area are important parameters to determine the complexity of the planogram software required.
  • The software for designing your store planogram needs to be aligned with your key merchandise categories. For instance, software for an apparel store or an electronics store will have different features compared to that of an FMCG store.
  • The design elements should represent not just the product shelves, but the trolley stations, POS counters, and offer zones. Also, the nuances are extremely important when it comes to measuring product dimensions vis-à-vis the measurements of the display rack. The software should be able to deduce exactly how many products will fit in the rack at the specified angle. This level of high precision makes it worthwhile to use planogram software rather than relying on manual calculations. 
  • Rather than opting for a solitary software, large retail chains should opt for a comprehensive, data-driven Planogram Automation System. This enables seamless integration with other in-store tools and systems and allows hassle-free sharing between teams.
  • In Visual Merchandising Retail, multi-feature enablement and versatile graphical designing are important considerations. So whether it is the straight placement of products or arrangement at any desired angle, the design phase should be carried out hassle-free.
  • The Planogram Automation Software should have ample scope for region-wise modifications, along with in-built features for a quick approval.

The Future of Visual Merchandising Retail

Given the current retail industry trends, the future of visual merchandising retail will be largely driven by AI. Especially in the Covid-19 aftermath, retail chains are heavily relying on big data for strategic decision-making on all fronts. The pandemic caused a major business disruption, which is being recovered now by enticing customers with out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Being a cornerstone of the retail industry, visual merchandising is witnessing renewed zeal and innovation. By embracing the right planogram automation technology, you can achieve higher sales and productivity across your retail outlets.

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