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Types of China Visa Application

by Uneeb Khan
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China is one of the most blissful places in the world. China has become the hub of various people for various reasons. People say that it is quite easy to explore china rather than all other countries of the world. It might be true because of the visa processing agents. You can find various china visa services on online platforms. With those online platforms, you can easily have guidance to process your china visa and enjoy the climate and culture in china. Before reaching those sights, you can learn about types of china Visa on this page.

Tourist Visa (L)

If you intend to visit China to experience the delight of cities and climate, then you can easily process a tourist visa. To obtain this tourist Visa, you have to hand over proof of flight confirmation and hostel reservations. Just with simple formalities, you can process a china tourist visa. You have to attach these required proves to the china visa application. You can source tourist visas for single-entry, double-entry, or multiple entries as per your tour plans through online sights. The stay duration of a tourist visa is usually 30-60 days per visit.

Business visa (M)

Commonly, China is better to initiate a new business or extend your business to an international state. If you are planning to visit China for business, you have to access the business china visa application online. As like a tourist Visa, you stay from 30 days to 60 days with your business visa. The validation of a business visa can be assessed for up to ten years.

Non-commercial visa (F)

F visa was initially approved for business visits to China, but later constitutions altered it as a non-commercial visa. F visa applies to a person who intends with carried research in china. If you have a non-commercial seminar, lecture, or scientific program, you can easily apply for this non-commercial Visa. F type visa is most popular with people intending to study tour to china. With this type of Visa, you can enjoy a stay period from 30 days to 90 whole days. One of the disadvantages of this Visa is that you can only have single entry or double entry applications.

Work Visa (Z)

China is one of the most industrialized countries where more human resources are demanded. When you get an opportunity to work at top MNC companies in china, you can run and apply for this work visa. You can obtain Z type china visa only with a proper work permit and employment licence. You can register and apply for these mandatory documents with the support of china visa service platforms online.

Study Visa (X1/X2)

When a Chinese college admits you, you can apply for this study visa for the whole term of education. A study visa is also said as a student visa, and it is divided into two different forms, namely X1 and X2. If you plan to pursue education in china in less than six months, you can apply with an X2 type of Visa. When your study period extends more than six months, you have to go with an X1 type visa. X2 is available only for a single entry, which means only admitted candidates can travel. In the case of X1, you can have multiple entry choices. Duration of study visa lasts up to 5 years.

Private Visa (S1, S2)

S1 is a single entry visa that can be applied by persons who intend to fly to China for their personal affairs or family reunion. You can even process with a resident Visa after using an S1 visa for 30 days, where this benefit is not applicable for S2 Visa. You can avail 30 to 90 days of stay duration with both S1 and S2 types of Visa.

Family visa (Q1, Q2)

Q1 type of Visa applies to descendants or foreigners who are spouses of a Chinese citizen. You can have 180 days of stay when you process this type of Visa. Q1 has benefits similar to S1, which can be converted to resident Visa.Q1 is only for a single entry, whereas Q2 can be applied for multiple entries with ten years of stay duration.

Crew visa (c)

Crew visa is a special type of Visa for crew members.

Group visa

A Group visa is a kind of Visa provided for five members of a tourist group.

Transit visa (g)

This is one similar to a tourist visa. You can have all kinds of benefits like a tourist visa.

Bottom line:

If you are planning for a china trip, you can better reach the best china visa service platforms to have a complete guide based on your plan. 

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