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Top Tips for Excellent Product Photography

by Uneeb Khan
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There are a lot of things you need to care about when you want to sell online. Apart from compelling product descriptions and other details, you need to take care of the photographs you put on your e-commerce website.

Remember, your product photographs will be the only contact with the buyers and your product, and thus they need to be as immaculate as possible. Providing an eye-catching product photograph is your duty and it is only through clear and engaging photos that the chances of conversion will increase.

Though you can shoot your products yourself, it will be much better if you hire a professional photographer to catch outstanding images of your products.

If you want professional services for product photography in Chicago, you can always connect with us. But first, more on product photography and how to shoot outstanding product pictures.

Use a Tripod

Tripod is a simple tool that helps in stabilizing your camera. This is an excellent tool to use so that none of your photos come out blurry. When you hold a camera in your hands and shoot, there is a high chance that it will move, even if slightly, and the photos will come out of focus.

Tripod is the tool you need in such scenarios to hold your camera still and make your product photos still and brilliant. Tripods also do not cost much and are very affordable. However, if you are on a budget you can use a stack of books and place your camera on top of them. The goal here is to keep the camera still while shooting your products.

Use Proper Lighting

For product photography, you’ll need the proper lighting. Millions of people will view your products and you just can’t afford to put up a product photo that looks hazy or come with shadows.

If you are using natural light, make sure you place your product right in front of a window. Or, if you are using studio lights, make sure that light is aiming at the products from every angle. Otherwise, shadows will form and ruin your photo. You can also use a diffuser to avoid overexposure.

Use the Right Backdrop

You need to set up the right background to make your product images come clear. Usually, white is used as a backdrop but depending on your product any backdrop should work. You just need to make sure that there’s no clutter. That way, all the attention of the viewers will be only on the product.

In-Context Photographs

In-context or lifestyle photographs depict how the products are being used in real life and thus they can work wonders and inspire purchases.

In-context photographs tell a story and help people connect emotionally with your products. That way, more people will want to use it. But it requires that you shoot the products outdoors in the right light and right ambiance.

Use Standard Lenses

While shooting your products, you don’t want to experiment with wide-angle or telephoto lenses. Using them can make people misinterpret the product proportions.

Sticking with regular lenses will help showcase your products with the right proportions as you see them in real life.

Represent True Colors

Do not baffle the customers with colors that do not match your products. You must always portray the true colors of your products. Particularly so, when you are shooting clothes.

Imagine you order a t-shirt just for its color and receive a completely different color on delivery. Nothing will annoy you more.

Thus, when you shoot your products make sure they represent the true colors of your products. That way, your customers will remain satisfied.

These are the tips and tricks to shoot outstanding photographs of your products for online sales. Follow the above tips to make sure your product photos stand out and viewers get motivated to buy them.

If you are looking for services for product photography in Chicago, you can always connect with us for the best services.

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