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Top Methods for Content Distribution and Sharing

by Uneeb Khan
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The world of advertising often feels like a maze. You have to choose the right path, the right tools along the way and keep track of every decision you’ve made. All that work, and you still might not hit the mark with your consumers. On the other hand, businesses cannot achieve operational efficiency without transferring content among teams seamlessly. Businesses can tackle these challenges of moving data around by using a content distribution platform. Here are the top methods of distributing and sharing content.

The SHAREit app resolves all these problems by operating as a digital content distribution platform. For starters, it can operate as a file transfer application that businesses can utilize to move files among teams at a speed of 20 Mbps. There are no limitations regarding the files users can transfer.

Furthermore, the app offers businesses multiple avenues for advertising their products and services to SHAREit’s user base of 2.4 billion users.


The first method on the list is one of the most popular digital content platforms in the market: SHAREit. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store; all you need is the app downloaded on both devices to transfer data between them.

Once done, you can use the app to connect the devices. After that, you can access the files that you want to transfer. With the SHAREit app, you can transfer files of all kinds such as films, songs, documents, pictures, applications, etc. It facilitates file transfer between devices at a speed of nearly 20 Mbps and without the need for the internet.

Compared to cloud-based options for initiating a file transfer, SHAREit is a cost-friendly option incurring no cost for maintaining a working internet connection. This feature also makes SHAREit a viable alternative to share large files, including gaming apps, HD movies, etc.

Moreover, SHAREit is a complete digital content platform where users can stream copyrighted content from creators all over the world. The content library is full of trending and engaging videos that users can access. Moreover, the content is also localized, i.e., the users can use the SHAREit app to watch region and language-specific videos.

All these features also create multiple advertising opportunities for businesses. They can post native ads, video ads, in-game ads, GIFs, and much more. Since the SHAREit app possesses the ability to work offline, businesses can reach out to an untapped market. SHAREit also has a user base of 2.4 billion people that businesses can target.

USB Cable

If you want to transfer content from android-to-android devices, using a USB cable is another option. However, you will have to share your files to a PC first, then move them to the device. This process is time-consuming and requires users to keep a USB handy.

Cloud-based Apps

You can transfer files over Cloud storage with the help of apps like Dropbox or Google Drive. However, you must have a fast internet connection to upload the files to these apps, then download them on the recipient device. These apps can be helpful to share minimal files, including a photo or song. But, these are not viable for sharing large files. The same applies to sharing files as email attachments; it will also need a working internet connection.

Use Bluetooth

You can transfer files from android-to-android devices using Bluetooth. Moving files via Bluetooth does not require users to have an internet connection or keep USB cables handy. However, it is prolonged. Sharing files can quickly become tedious with this technology. There are viable alternatives, though. For instance, SHAREit can support file transfer 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

This post sums up all the content distribution methods users can utilize. For more information, head over to the SHAREit Instagram account and learn about file sharing and other lucrative features.

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