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Top ERP Trends You Should Be Aware Of!

by Uneeb Khan

top 7 current ERP Trends that can boost your business considerably

The ERP system of every digital business requires changes and improvements to keep up with the dynamic changes of the eCommerce world. ERP software has developed dramatically in the last few years. bringing forward never-seen-before technologies and emerging new trends that provide a better market for digital businesses. And from 2020 to 2025, the ERP software is expected to witness a 7.88% growth rate. 

Thus, if you are a digital business owner. you have to employ ERP software to your business to stay ahead of your competitors!

Top ERP Trends 

  • Real-Time Data With ERP

Real-time data has always been essential for organizations for providing in-depth insights, better business functions, and improved customer experience. And all this has become even easier with the ERP system. 

This system has helped in data collection and communication between various departments of an organization using multiple ERP tools. Thus, thanks to this new ERP trend, organizations can understand what customers want. leading to better services and higher customer satisfaction.

  • IoT Integration

This integration has allowed organizations to assess, evaluate, and collect data with the help of sensors. IoT has also made physical device connectivity relatively easier, all without human intervention and all within secured networks. This has led to better production process monitoring with automated operations and lesser dependency on technicians.

  • Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the new future for every digital platform by streamlining routine business. so, processes, reducing errors, detecting business contracts, detecting fraud in banking and financial services, and more. 

This year, AI has also been integrated with ERP trends to aid in the proper collection by using unstructured and complex data. It also helps in reducing errors, decreasing the data loading time, and overcoming business crises. 

  • Mobile ERP Solutions

Since the onset of the pandemic, mobile-based ERP solutions have received a massive boost. it has been a blessing for running any business from anywhere, anytime. Due to the pandemic, fewer employees were deployed on business sites. 

Due to the fewer numbers, it was becoming impossible to manage any small or large-scale business from home. This is where mobile ERP solutions came in. With cloud-based services and a fast 5G cellular network, it became much easier to monitor and maintain workflow

  • Integration PaaS

Integration of PaaS or Platform as a Service is a very nifty ERP trend that benefits organizations.

And with this integration, you wouldn’t even have to worry about any patching or server maintenance or authentications and updates! This is very handy for providing an overarching platform to integrate applications and data to boost productivity.

  • Personalized ERP Solutions 

Another significant emerging trend is Personalized ERP Solutions. These solutions are a welcome change from the previous one-size-fits-all solutions, which didn’t work out well. thanks to the personalized solution will be more capable advanced technologies like IoT and AI.

It will also lead to a better user interface, becoming more flexible, accessible, and user-friendly for both owners and customers.

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

No digital business can now survive without digital marketing. And to enhance one’s digital marketing with all the relevant metrics, one needs to employ the correct ERP systems. Current ERP trends include integrated capabilities for various social media platforms and aid in procuring analytics.


These ERP trends are beneficial for both small and large-scale businesses. almost 93% of companies that have employed these solutions and trends have reported them to be a success. Thus we can see that these trends allow any digital platform a constant and steady growth in numbers. So if you want your business to flourish organically, embrace these ERP trends. All the best! 

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