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Top Advantages & Disadvantages of Web Application

by Uneeb Khan
Top Advantages & Disadvantages of Web Application

What is a Web Application ?

Web application is just an application which works over a web browser. Every one of the applications here run on a web server rather than a local server.

Who uses Web Apps ?

Because of the prominence of the internet there is an ascent in the advancement of web apps in recent years. Particularly, businesses are finding web apps as the most convenient way for their employees to work flexibly. Regardless of the location, the web apps permit staff to complete their work.

Sadly, similar to other apps, web apps are with disadvantages as well. It has its own positives and negatives. Before web application advancement, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, I will inspect around 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Application | Drawbacks and Benefits of Web Application. Through this post, you will know the upsides and downsides of using web applications.

Let’s Proceed,

Advantages of Web Application


Fostering a web app is way less expensive contrasted with different kinds of app developments. They don’t require a lot of time for advancement as that of a portable app. In this manner, a single version of a web app can support a few operating systems.

Additionally, there is no expense in testing the web app in every single operating system. This is considered to be a savvy solution for businesses.


Dissimilar to different sorts of apps, a web app shouldn’t be updated regularly. A web application which is connected to a website directly gets updated to the latest version. This is on the grounds that developers ensure that what is happening in the code is normal to all. So each and every individual who accesses the web app receives a similar version.


Numerous developers find it simple to customize web apps. This is on the grounds that it is not difficult to change the interface of a web app. Subsequently, business operations should be possible definitively with less endeavors.

And furthermore, these kinds of web apps are by and large considered to be free from any danger since it is doubtful to be hacked. Additionally, consider a web development company Bangalore for customized web applications.

Download Requirement

For running a web application, you don’t have to download them separately. Using a web browser a client can directly interact with the web app. Subsequently, the usage of download stages, for example, App Store and Play Store is totally kept away from here.

Platform Support

On default web apps are intended to support any operating system. Their interface with different screen sizes allows them to connect various stages. Henceforth, they can undoubtedly adapt to Windows, IOS, MacOS, Android and other operating systems. However, just under the state of having a web browser.

Disadvantages of Web Application


A web app is directly connected to a web browser. Because of this, the app size will in general increase. The effect of this should be visible in the performance of a web application. An enormous web app performs impressively slower than a local desktop app.


Web apps miss the mark on features of quality control systems. Thus, both safety and security is diminished to a more elevated level. Be that as it may, by the methods, for example, SSL enforcement, the clients can forestall data breach somewhat. Additionally, Consult with Nodejs development company India for better security of web apps.


Web apps are rare to find since they are not accessible in any App Store or Play Store. Along these lines, it is difficult to make an awareness among audiences that such apps are accessible. Just the audience knowing their apps will visit through the individual website.

Web Issues

The web application is entirely reliant upon the website. And that intends that, if the website happens to go through failure, undoubtedly the application will flop as well. Henceforth, for the best performance of a web application it is fundamental to have a quality website.

Internet Dependence

An internet connection is compulsory while running a web application. Still there are many parts of the reality where the internet isn’t accessible. Moreover, without a decent internet connectivity you cannot either browse the web or run the web app.

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