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Tiktok news: use trends to the fullest [+ 7 Strategies]

by Uneeb Khan
Tiktok news

TikTok is the social media with which to attract a new international audience thanks to creativity. By following the trends of the moment you can increase the awareness of your brand.

The news on TikTok is various and applies to different entrepreneurial realities. With over 1 billion registered users on the platform, TikTok is the social network where you can indulge yourself with video content.

In a trend, we find seasonal-themed content (such as Halloween), close to the culture of Generation Z (such as the importance for the climate), Netflix movie phenomena (such as the very famous Squid Game). 

These three trending topics help you to make an initial mapping of what intrigues and stimulates the audience on the platform. Of course, trending hashtags such as #ViralTimeZone can change over the weeks and slowly fade from the page.

An emblematic example could be Squid Game – a cinematic masterpiece that met with unexpected success on the platform. 

Let’s analyze together the topics of the month.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 What’s Trending on TikTok?
  • 2 New in TikTok: Squid Game
  • 3 Happy Halloween
  • 4 Climate Action
  • 5 Conclusion

What’s trending on TikTok?

TikTok offers active users on the platform the ability to customize the feed with content to discover. The topics under consideration attract users from all over the globe and it is interesting to find that some topics are appreciated on a global scale.

In this phase, I have selected three different thematic areas: a seasonal topic, an evergreen theme, and a viral trend.

  1. Squid Game. The Korean TV series produced by Netflix has shocked the world by becoming a viral phenomenon – even away from small screens. Big brands have created advertisements that follow the scene. Those who know the public know that artistic phenomena can channel the engagement of the public towards new products or events promoted by the brand. 
  2. Happy Halloween. Here we are talking about a seasonal theme that is destined to lose importance after a few days. Although not an evergreen theme, these two hashtags explain how deeply culture is amplified – even – in the days of social media. Like any self-respecting creative activity, with Halloween, young and old content creators can create content that arouses interest. 
  3. Climate Action. The climate there is an evergreen topic that never loses its charm – and relevance on social media. Every moment is a good time to talk about the climate, about ideas to preserve it, and share suggestions. 

New on TikTok: Squid Game


Squid Game is the new Netflix TV series produced in Korea. Currently, more than 130 million people have devoured the series making it the most-watched on Netflix. #SquidGame boasts over 52 billion views.

Among the nicest and most original Squid Game-themed videos, we find the proposal of Maytree_music, a group of 5 young Koreans who in the wake of the famous Pentatonix use their singing skills to reproduce the music of the series. 

How to use this hashtag 

Maytree_music used it as their primary tool to associate with the Squid Game brand using vocals. To be successful they faithfully reproduced the songs featured in the series.

  • Personalize the brand by making it yours. Maytree_music has the voice. Pepsi used its logo to embody the “caramel.” Find a segment of the series and make it yours. What makes Squid Game unmistakable from the rest is the music, the silhouette of the umbrella, the robot playing 1,2,3 star… The red suits with the black mask – not to be confused with those of La Casa de Carta. The symbols of the circle, triangle, and ex – and no, let’s not talk about the PlayStation joystick! 
  • If you have customizable products, enrich them with Squid Game hallmarks.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a party born in America and which for decades has also been widely successful on the European continent. As this is an event in which young and old alike dress up, TikTok is also tinged with the characteristic nuances of this custom.

Halloween is a worldwide success and even the short video social network consecrates the party by launching a direct and immediate hashtag: Happy Halloween. This hashtag has more than 7 billion views. TikTok of all sizes has ridden the trend by creating ad hoc content to reach the heights of virality. 

In Europe, the trending Halloween-themed video is by the funny Martyeyuko, a TikToker who makes videos with her Husky. To celebrate the party originally, Yuko’s mistress has created pumpkin biscuits for her.

The video received nearly 190,000 views in 5 days. Martyeyuko’s success can be replicated to celebrate new recipes to try during the holidays on corporate social networks.

How to use this hashtag 

To ride the news on TikTok it is essential to explore the platform. This particular hashtag may not catch your attention because it has too short a life cycle. Yet creativity pays off. Some big brand advertisements. segments have also become iconic over the years.

If your company focuses on food products you could create variations that follow the features of the protagonists of the party: spiders, beans, ghosts. 

  • Create partnerships with food bloggers. If you have a particular product (such as oil X) you could make a business proposal to the professional to use your oil during a shoot.
  • Transform your products into iconic items. Do you sell sweets? Turn them into delightful ghosts. Create video recipes where you teach young and old how to make them at home – or where to find them in major supermarkets!

Climate Action

#ClimateAction has totaled 262 million views. Among the most creative and active TikTokers in the hashtag, we find the travel blogger Andrea Petroni who customized the hashtag creating a list of products not to be forgotten when traveling… and trying to use as little plastic as possible.

Eco-sustainability is not only an interesting trend on social media but a real passion that distinguishes the new generation from the previous ones – and which is also very successful in some millennials.

How to use this hashtag

If you have a business or business that deals with sustainability, you could create short videos explaining the benefits of these products. The big idea of Andrea Petroni is travel is possible and using as a solution less plastic has provided a list of accessories that last longer and are easy to dispose of.

  • Create the lists. Promote this new awareness by explaining what your products can do. 
  • Discover the thematic questions most searched by users on AnswerThePublic, Google Trends… And create mini-videos to adapt to TikTok.
  • Create partnerships with leading TikTokers to promote your products. It is not said that to be present on the social network you need to have a profile. TikTok work to promote your Medicare products. Your task is to find the professional who is most in line with the company philosophy! 


The news on TikTok are many and the cases analyzed today had three different thematic areas as protagonists. The three areas apply to almost all businesses, but a profound study of the products and the audience is required in order not to conflict with the soul of the brand.

The platform is full of evergreen content (such as the weather), seasonal trends (such as Halloween and the rest of the canonical parties) but also viral explosions such as blockbusters.

Each trend can be an opportunity to create engagement with users … Or to create interesting partnerships with those who already have an important following on the social network.

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