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Things to Consider in Choosing Best Kids MP3 Player

Best kids mp3 player

by Jan Sher

There was a time when kids listened to music at home on a cassette player or mom and dad’s record player. Today it is amazing that children have access to music at all times, often in their clothes pocket, all thanks to the accessibility that comes with portable devices.

Take a few things into consideration before buying a kids mp3 juice player.


There are now kid’s mp3 players suitable for all age groups, nevertheless not all mp3 players are good for all kids. The appropriate mp3 player for kids all depends on how old and how responsible the child is at the time of use.

Young children are not likely to be too careful, so an expensive IPod is probably out of the question, however, a Sansa Shaker might be just the ticket.Flash Memory or Hard DriveMP3 players geared towards different age groups vary in the type of memory that they use.

Most of your smaller kid’s mp3 players will have flash memory as it is more suitable for rough use than a hard drive based mp3 player is.


Hard drive based kids mp3player has a miniature of the same essential piece of equipment your computer has within it. A small spinning disc upon which all or your information is stored.

Think of it this way you would not want a young child carrying your home pc or laptop around because they could damage it, this same principle applies to hard-drive-based mp3 players.


Anytime you are talking about electronics, even if it is a kid’s mp3 player you need to consider the brand. Playschool, Sansa and Fisher Price are only where we can get MP3 players for kid’s As now a days you cannot be careful, so best is to buy stuff from well known companies that have a long history and they provide safe quality products for children.

Easy to Carry

The latest entry in the world of modern music is the MP3 player. Today it is the darling of the consumers. None of the previous generation could offer so many facilities – recording, 8-track-tapes, cassette-tapes as well as CD`s.

It truly is a magical miracle. It can be carried in the palm and slipped into the pocket and yet it is powerful enough to create individualized music lists and carry along thousands of songs and music. All this information and facility is sometimes packed into a MP3 player that may weigh less than an ounce.

Modern Features

This portability gives it the edge over other players as also its storage facility. Some models of MP3 player have added ons like viewing of video and photo, alarm systems and calendar, cell phone and Internet functions.

The revolution of MP3 started in the late 90`s with the introduction of file-swapping and portability being high on the agenda.

Time Saving

MPEG or Moving Picture Experts Group developed the compression system for storing video data. The MP3 reduces bytes in a song without losing the high quality effect of a CD. With this new device songs can be downloaded faster from the Internet. For example a four-minute song uses 40 megabytes to be downloaded but with a MP3 only 4 megabytes are required.

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