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The Working of Ethereum Virtual Machine

by Uneeb Khan


If the user has been developing smart contracts through Ethereum blockchain, then they should have come across the term “EVM”. Also, EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) creates a level of abstraction between the executing machine and the executing code. In cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is the second most popular digital currency surpassed by Bitcoin.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum can be defined as a blockchain-based platform that helps developers to create and implement decentralized applications(dApps) which implies it is not run by any centralized authority. The users can create any decentralized application for their participants or any application that is used for decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin has become one of the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrencies and Ethereum comes next by market cap. Some of the other leading cryptocurrencies include XRP, Tether, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, etc.
  • Ethereum’s Ether (native cryptocurrency) follows its intuitive set of rules which enables the most powerful functions – smart contracts. To use this complicated feature a sophisticated analogy is needed.
  • Rather than using a distributed ledger, Ethereum uses a distributed state machine. So It has a large data structure that has all accounts and balances. A machine state that can alter from block to block as per predetermined rules that can implement arbitrary machine code. The unique rules of changing state through block-to-block are detailed by EVM.
  • Ethereum price in India is Rs. 2,91,420.18 (which is converted to eth to inr,)as of today. As there is no established pattern to trade cryptocurrency in India. Cryptocurrency exchanges offer the users to buy, exchange and sell their cryptocurrencies.
  • If you like to buy Ethereum, first you need to find eth price, in a cryptocurrency exchange in India, convert the ethereum price inr, and proceed to buy. Some of the most popular exchanges in India where you can buy Ethereum are WazirX, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange.

Ethereum Features

  • Ethereum’s fuel that helps in running the network is its native currency, Ether. It is used for the payment of computational resources and the transaction fees for the executed transaction on the Ethereum network. 
  • So It permits the deployment and development of smart contracts on its network. Ethereum offers EVM, the technology that provides architecture and software that comprehends the smart contracts and permits the users to interact with them.
  • Ethereum permits the users to create decentralized applications for creating a set of applications in a decentralized way. A decentralized application is also known as dApp.

What is an Ethereum Virtual Machine?

EVM is created to operate in a runtime environment that is used for deploying and complying with smart contracts that are Ethereum based. It understands the smart contract language that is written in solidity language exclusively for Ethereum. EVM can be operated in a sandbox environment, where the user can develop, deploy, and test the smart contract any number of times. When they are satisfied with their performance and the smart contract functionality, it can be used on the main network of Ethereum.

How Does EVM Work? 

If person A wants to pay 10 ethers to person B, the transaction will be carried out on EVM through a smart contract for the transfer of funds from person A to person B. So, The Ethereum network will validate the transaction using a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. Ethereum Miner nodes will validate the transaction when the amount is requested to be transferred. When the transaction is confirmed, ether from Person A will be debited and it will be credited to person B’s wallet. In this process, a fee will be charged by the miners to validate the transaction which will earn a small reward.

Wrap up

Ethereum offers a decentralized ecosystem that is used by developers to create products through EVM and solidity language. Even though using EVM through smart contracts could be a bit more expensive than using traditional servers to run programs. It provides numerous use cases where decentralization is preferred over costs.

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