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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Lock In Singapore

by Jan Sher

Today’s newly-tech savvy residents are expecting the same convenience and ease of use that comes with automatic access to their homes as other electronic devices. That’s why they’re beginning to turn towards digital locks as a viable solution for their access needs. Thanks to the variety of options available today, it has never been easier to select the best digital lock Singapore for your home. Here is everything you need to know about choosing the right lock for your home, from features and functions to price and security ratings.

What is a digital lock?

A digital lock is an access control system that uses a key or card to operate a lock. These systems allow you to lock or unlock your door with a remote control or app. Unlike a traditional key lock, you don’t have to go to a specific place to operate it. Instead, you use a keyless system that takes your phone as the key.

Digital locks also minimize the chance of someone stealing your keys, since there’s no physical key left in the lock. Depending on the security features of your chosen lock, you can also add additional protection, such as a fingerprint scanner, an app that lets you track your key’s movement, or anti-tamper technology that prevents entry.

How does a digital lock work?

When you use a digital lock, you interact with a mobile app or remote control to unlock or lock your door from a distance. Depending on the lock, you can also grant someone access through the app or remote control. If your home is protected with a security system, you can also use a digital lock to trigger the system.

If you use a PIN code, you can also remotely shut down the lock’s operation if there’s an issue, such as if someone tries to open your door without the right code. With a keyless system, you can also use your phone as a keychain, storing and retrieving multiple keys, and quickly reviewing the security codes and other details associated with each key.

Types of Digital Lock in Singapore

Wireless Lock: Similar to the keyless locks you’ve probably seen in car doors, these locks connect to your Wi-Fi network and lock automatically when you leave. You can control access to the lock with a remote control or app.

Bluetooth Lock: These locks allow you to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can lock and unlock the door with your phone. Bluetooth is an unsecure method of communication, so you should be careful who can access this information.

Smart Lock: These locks let you use an app to decide who can enter or exit your home. Depending on your settings, you can let friends and family in, or schedule access for a service like a repairman or a cleaning professional.

When do you need a physical key?

Many new digital locks use proximity sensors to create an electric barrier. If someone approaches your door from the outside, the sensor will activate the lock, blocking the door from outside access. This keeps intruders from gaining access while they’re still a distance away. However, if you don’t want your guests to unlock the door with their phone, you’ll need to have a physical key installed on the inside of your door.

When do you need an electronic key?

Electronic keys are becoming more popular as a solution to the key problem because they eliminate the keychain altogether, allowing you to store more keys in a more compact way. However, electronic keys also have their risks. If someone steals an electronic key, they have full access to your home.

The most common electronic key systems are those that use a key fob or a keychain remote. These systems work similarly to a Bluetooth lock, letting you unlock your door with the key remote. Some systems let you lock and unlock multiple doors, but require you to unlock the main door from a distance.

Should you go with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Each operating mode has its pros and cons. Bluetooth operates at a much lower frequency than Wi-Fi, so it can be used in areas with a low signal such as a basement or garage. However, Bluetooth is less secure than Wi-Fi, which is why many digital locks offer both options.

If you’re looking for a digital lock that offers security above and beyond basic access control, check out the Security+ rating offered by Schlage. This digital lock features a wide range of security features, such as an anti-tamper system and an app that lets you track and report any activity.

Which security rating should you choose?

When it comes to selecting the best digital lock for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One is the security rating of the lock. When you buy a new lock, make sure you know what security level it offers so you can decide whether that’s enough for your needs.

Another thing to consider is the brand name of the lock. While you don’t necessarily need an expensive lock to provide strong security, you do want one made by a trusted brand name, such as Schlage or Yale.


Choosing the best digital lock can be a difficult task since there are so many options available today. However, it’s important to keep these tips in mind so you can make an informed decision. With the right digital door lock, you can enjoy many of the same convenience and ease of use that comes with automatic access as other electronic devices.

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