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The Trend of Vintage Cars in Weddings

by Uneeb Khan
The Trend of Vintage Cars in Weddings

The start of a lifelong commitment requires a celebration that is worth remembering till the end of time. That’s the main reason people try their best to ensure that the most important day of their life is perfect including the car. Vintage cars used in Pakistan have recently become an integral component of the big fat weddings to elevate the aesthetic of their weddings.

More people are wanting to book a vintage car for their wedding day for a myriad of reasons.

Some are Listed Below:

That X-Factor at Weddings

Recently we saw the advent of unique transportation. The choices for wedding entry like the groom arriving on bike or rickshaw or the couple leaving the wedding venue on bicycles. Vintage vehicles although not uncommon are a chic, classy, and novel alternative to regular cars for your big day.

A lot of people are going for retro-themed weddings that are reminiscent of the olden times, vintage cars mix right in or they spruce up contemporary style weddings with the right amount of chic elegance.

A vintage car is one that was manufactured between 1919 to 1930. However, sometimes car enthusiasts say that on the broader spectrum, cars that are from 1919 to 1950 are also deemed vintage. However, you can just choose one that fits your aesthetic and budget.

A Sight of Chic Elegance

The majority of the population in Pakistan prefer sedans for their luxe look when it comes to wedding entry. Some opt for the majestic limousine to depict their wealth. However, with the popularization and revival of vintage cars in media and pop culture. More people are choosing vintage vehicles for the demure elegant vibe.

Vintage cars amplify the aura and exemplify the vibe of your wedding entrance. The Barat or the wedding party can reach in style and leave the spectators in awe.

Vintage cars used in Pakistan are a rare right and whenever people see them anywhere let alone a wedding, they go gaga and start clicking pictures for the gram.  Therefore, they are a favorite among the masses and adored by audiences everywhere.

Good Prop for Wedding Photos

It is an undeniable fact that vintage cars look exceptional in photos! Vintage cars provide a picturesque alternative to the norm and your wedding photoshoot can become memorable and more voguish with just the addition of a car. Rather than doing the bare minim photo shoot, the couple can have a themed one that they will cherish for life.

Depict the Couple’s Personality

Vintage cars used in Pakistan can personify the personality of the individuals and choose a set of wheels. That will tell the audience who you are as a person without speaking is a great feat in itself. A quirky couple might get a yellow Volkswagen beetle which will convey the narrative that the couple is young, fun, and ready to have an adventure. 

If you want more of a royal feel, then you can go for the Aston Martin DB6 Volante which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose for leaving their wedding ceremony. Although this particular car is very rare with only 215 specimens ever made therefore it can prove to be quite costly if you try to imitate the residents of Windsor.

Therefore, a car is not just a mode of transportation; it will enhance the overall feel of your wedding all while forming a narrative about the newlywed couple.

Vintage Car Rental Services in Pakistan

You can find vintage cars used either from an online rent a car service or your nearest car rental place. Always do a price comparison and whether you are getting a fair price for the rental. Try to hire an experienced person who knows the mechanics of that particular vintage car. If you don’t know-how and double-check about its insurance before in case of any mishap.

Whether you end up finalizing a vintage Aston Martin for a James Bond feel or Chevrolet. Which is the quintessential vintage wedding car, just remember to enjoy your big day!

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