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The Line City: Saudi Arabia In The Middle Of A Revolution

by Jan Sher
The Line City: Saudi Arabia In The Middle Of A Revolution

THE LINE is a new urban development that takes humans into account. This revolutionary process creates an unprecedented living experience for people and also preserves the surrounding nature. THE LINE redefines what cities should look like in the future. The Line is a linear smart city that will replace all cars, streets, and carbon emissions. The Line is a proposed project in Saudi Arabia in Neom, Tabuk, and will create 380,000 jobs and add $48 billion to the country’s GDP. The LINE is a planned $500bn city with a population of 9 million people.

Is The Line part of Neom?

The Line city was announced on January 10, 2021, by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a new economic zone created by the latest urban construction technologies in Saudi Arabia. The LINE city is a part of NEOM. The government wants to create a channel of non-oil-generated wealth to compete with the UAE and attract foreign investment. NEOM is still in progress but has been steadily progressing despite criticisms from both people who say it’s unattractive to investors and skeptics about time for completion. The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop the progress of construction. Construction will continue to happen and there won’t be any labor gaps because of an interest in this project by all countries.

How big will The Line be?

The Line, an ambitious city project, is designed to have three million residents within a 170-kilometer span. The plan is to preserve 95% of the natural land within Neom. One of the specific plans for the cities is two mirrored buildings that will stand 500 meters tall with an outdoor space in between.

The city will be only 200 meters wide and rise 500 meters above sea level, higher than the Empire State Building. Residents of the city will need to walk 5 minutes to get anywhere they need to go. High-speed rail will run through the city and it’s said it’ll take 20 minutes, due to its intense train system. The infrastructure cost estimate is a lot higher than other cities, coming in at hundreds of billions of dollars. “The Line will solve the challenges of everyday life in urban environments, examining how to live differently. NEOM is a livable city that will tackle the worrying issues surrounding urban populations. With new security measures and a team of experts, NEOM hopes to be the light at the end of the tunnel for those living in difficult living quarters.

How long would it take to build The Line?

The Line that is being proposed will be the most extraordinary building in the world. It is being described as “The planet’s most livable city.” The Line will provide a viable solution to the problem of overcrowding and how people are living in ‘flat and horizontal’ cities with their new model of society. Vertical communities will be innovative, while also preserving nature, enhancing current life conditions and promoting human livability.

Phase 1 of the project, which will last until 2030, will be 1.2 trillion Saudi riyals – it is a major investment to his sovereign wealth fund. The line could continuously take up to 50 years.

Who designed The Line?

The creators of The Line were not announced by the government, however, it is public knowledge that the designers of these buildings were famous American firm Morphosis. They designed green space occupying the “inner void” between the two buildings. The design at 105 miles is an impressive landmark in the Red Sea. Walkways, bridges, and greenery are designed to connect both sides of The Line. They hope the building will run on 100% renewable energy, which is likely due to solar power created from the desert heat.

Which companies are working on the Neom project?

 On June 14, 2022 NEOM awarded contracts for drill and blast tunneling – considered one of the world’s largest transportation and utility infrastructure projects – ensuring NEOM would continue to meet its development schedule. The Al-Nasr commented on the project to build a new city by saying that the work is yet another milestone in achieving His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman’s vision. At NEOM, they are advancing transportation and reducing emissions to create sustainable living.

The project is divided into lower and upper regions, with the first contract awarded to FCC construction SA, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, and Shibh Al-Jazira Contracting Company Joint Venture (FCC/CSCEC/SAJCO JV). The second contract was awarded to Samsung C&T Corporation and others. The new tunnels will provide over 28 kilometers of tracks and 2 speeds- high speed and freight rail – which will help move people and goods easier and faster.

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