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The Healthy Diet to Improve Fertility

by Uneeb Khan

According to a study of the World Health Organisation, published in September 2020, the world has approximately 48 million couples and 186 million individuals with infertility. In the Indian context, around 40% of infertility is caused by male factors, 40% of the same caused by female factors, and the rest is caused by unknown problems. 

With the scientific advancements in the medical sector, treating infertility has become more convenient and effective. Dr Arthi Mani, a fertility expert at an IVF centre in Gurgaon, states that medical science can cure or by bypass reproductive health issues. However, lifestyle habits can affect the effectiveness and success of a fertility treatment. 

She says taking a healthy diet and making a few changes in lifestyle can improve your fertility naturally. It can facilitate you to increase the success of your fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, and hormonal therapy. Here, have a look at what the healthy diet you should take to improve your fertility:  

Complex or slow carbohydrates

Your body takes more time to digest or process complex or slow carbohydrates like beans and whole grains and turn the same into insulin and sugar. The replacement of bad carbs that produce sugar instantly (white bread, cookies, and white rice) with slow carbs can leave positive impacts on your fertility. It is as slow carbs have insulin that facilitate ovulation in females.   

Fruit-rich diet 

Dr Arthi Mani states that females who eat fruits three or more times a day conceive faster in comparison with females with a lower fruit intake. The conceptime can be faster in half a month. You should discuss with your doctor what fruits to eat and what fruits not to eat.  

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Green leafy vegetables 

You should include green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, avocados, beans, and spinach in your diet. These vegetables have a lot of iron that facilitates couples to be more fertile. Consider including seed based vegetables in your diet to boost your fertility.  

Supplements with multivitamins 

Vitamins are crucial for women trying to conceive. Consuming food-based vitamins or taking supplements with multivitamins facilitate females to conceive. As per a study, consuming enough vitamins lowers the risk of ovulation disorders in women upto 40%. 

Healthy fats 

Some fats are bad while some are good. Usually, unsaturated fats are good. You should prefer skimmed milk to whole milk and low-fat cheese to cheese. Studies suggest that unsaturated fat consumption facilitates women in having a conception. 

No caffeine, junk food, and alcohol

Apart from paying attention to what to eat, you should value what not to eat. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are enemies to your fertility. They can make a delay in conceiving a child. Too much consumption can lead you to have infertility. Further, you should avoid eating junk, raw, highly fried, spicy, undercooked, overcooked, and raw food items. Consuming junk food regularly can badly impact your ability to conceive.  

Take away 

A healthy and well-balanced diet with moderate physical activities will be highly fruitful to you. It will help you get rid of mild general as well as reproductive health issues and boost your fertility. With time, you can conceive naturally if both of you are under reproductive age, 35.

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