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by Uneeb Khan

The truth about SEO services

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is a messy and fickle world. Whose name is endorsed by the few companies that can have sustained success. For those of you unfamiliar with search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of designing websites to appear in search engines.

An effective SEO agency is an almost priceless addition to your marketing plan. They don’t just select a few keywords and say your site is now optimized. They also don’t pay for linking services that can put your business on Google’s blacklist. A good SEO service monitors your site’s search ability over periods of time. Adjusting its strategy to maintain and improve your search engine rankings. They not composed of a hobbyist who visited an Internet forum or read an introductory book; They made up of professionals who maintain, improve and update their knowledge as practices change.


The common “SEO agency” is made up of non-professionals who advertise their blind efforts as a worthy and competent service. Some may be proficient, but the plethora of SEO services are there because they see an easy buck. They are not going to find what is best for their company. They are going to make as much money as they can and take off.


The SEO industry is like any other contract service that does not require professional credentials. Having your SEO done by a quasi-professional isn’t nearly as risky. As having your next-door neighbor perform a root canal, but in terms of money, it’s almost as dangerous. The SEO and marketing community must be committed to protecting its clients and its respected brands. SEO companies don’t have to be terrible at damaging your brand; all that has to happen to achieve that is the lack of any of: strategy, marketing, technique, knowledge, etc.

You need to create a division between scammers and competent SEO agencies.

Companies like mine, MoR Marketing, make sure we stay abreast of new trends and techniques. More importantly, we are focusing on a brand philosophy that promotes the notion of fusing SEO techniques with marketing tactics. In other words, we will not risk branding your site to ensure we have SEO results to show our clients.

Instead of overloading your site with links to companies. That are not associated with your service, why not take the time to strategically place your links among the right group free website and domain. Why waste time competing for the most competitive search terms? Evaluate a business, determine its market, USP, and then focus on the terms that drive traffic and drive conversions. SEO is an element of your marketing structure, not the other way around.

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