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The evolution of Smartphone from features phones to foldable smartphones

by Uneeb Khan
The evolution of Smartphone from features phones to foldable smartphones

Mobiles have come a long way. Earlier there were only a few models. Today, there are so many brands such as oppo mobile, Samsung, and Apple that are dominating the market. The road from simple feature phones to foldable smartphones has been a long one as phone manufacturers have worked day in and day out to provide the latest features in their offerings. Here is how the feature phone evolved to the foldable smartphone of today.

1970s and 1980s

The first mobile was the DynaTAC model from Motorola and the prototype was built in 1973. The senior engineer, Martin Cooper, made a call to its competitor at the time to say that he was calling from a mobile phone. Although the mobile phone wasn’t released until 10 years later, the call was made in 1973. 

The Mobira Senator, which was manufactured by Nokia, was released for customers in 1982. It weighed 10 kilograms making it difficult to carry. In 1983, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X model was launched and it weighed a mere kilogram. The rest of the 80s weren’t as eventful because similar models were being created.


The 90s is when things started to evolve. Nokia launched its 1011 model in 1992. This used the GSM network and it was only half a kilogram. At that time, it used the 2G technology which made it possible to use it anywhere in the globe. 

It was much more portable and came with a monochrome LCD screen. In the same year, the first text message was sent. In 1994, IBM launched Simon Person Communicator which was dubbed a smartphone at that time. It had a touchscreen display and came with some apps. It was available for just 6 months.


The 2000s is when the mobile phone industry truly started to advance. In 2000, the Sharp J-SH04 was launched which had a digital camera of 0.11MP. It was limited to Japan though. The Nokia 3310 was launched the same year and it became an instant hit. It had a myriad of ringtones, had excellent battery life, and a robust design. It was followed by the popular Nokia 1100 which was launched in 2003.

Although it was full of basic features, it was launched in developing countries and managed to sell more than 250,000 units. Then other phones such as Blackberry RIM 6210, Motorola Razr, and iPhone changed the face of the mobile phone industry forever.


By 2010, 3G was a standard as it was being used all over the world. Samsung Galaxy S was launched in 2010 in an attempt to compete with Apple iPhone. The same year, Samsung Galaxy released its Note N7000 which was a phablet. In the same year, 4G network became the new preferred choice of the network as it enabled faster transmission. 

Apple and Samsung launched phones with more advanced features. Other smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia and Google followed suit by embedding better cameras in their phones thereby shifting to replace DSLR cameras. By 2019, 5G came into the market thereby propelling all creative brands such as these amazing Oppo mobile, which offers 5G connectivity as well.

2020 and beyond

Innovation is still at an all-time high as smartphone manufacturers like Oppo mobile are bringing in more features by the day. Be it Samsung or Apple, the market is full of surprises as these giants and other brands bring in smartphone concepts never heard of before. 

As their cameras get better in quality, connectivity gets better over the world, and usage starts to change, smartphones are still being launched regularly. Today, foldable smartphones have come into the market proving that innovation is still at its peak and won’t die anytime soon. We can expect to see more immersive technology pave its way into mobile phones for better experiences.

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