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The Best Garden Technology Gadgets

by Jan Sher
The Best Garden Technology Gadgets

Technology is becoming a huge part of our home lives. Whether that’ the inclusion of technology cleaning devices around the house, smart gadgets such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Chrome, which are voice-activated devices- technology is everywhere. As homeowners, we are becoming more dependent on the inclusion of technology in our lives, as it makes our home function in a more futuristic way and allows us to conduct daily activities with ease. The inclusion of home technology is also beneficial as it’s appealing to prospective buyers, as it shows that the property is up to date with modern times and is somewhat futuristic. The introduction of home technology has become incorporated in every aspect of the room, and the garden is no exception. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, perhaps upgrading your home to a smart home is the answer. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled the best garden technology gadgets.

Click and Grow’s Smart 9:

This innovatively designed gadget allows you to grow your own plants, at any time, in any place, in any weather condition. The device, which looks like a hanging basket, is extremely simple to use. Incorporated in the gadget, are pro-lights and an innovative self-watering functionality, which all help your plants to grow in any place. It’s also a great device as it allows you to grow fruit and plants indoors, and then when the weather is suitable you can transfer them outside.

VegTrug Grow Care Garden:

Gardening is one thing, maintaining your garden is a whole other job. The VegTrug Grow Care Garden smart sensor is a great investment. The device is extremely simple to work with and uses Bluetooth connection. To use, simply plant the stick into a raised bit of soil, flower garden or outside pot, and the information will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The device records everything, from soil fertility level to moisture, temperature, light and intensity.

Smart Water Control:

Watering your plants is a chore, and this is why smart water control is absolutely necessary as it will change everything. This gadget allows you to water your garden from your smartphone, and works via a Bluetooth app. The device, which works discreetly, allows you to control the irrigation of your outdoor plants remotely, ensuring that all your plants and shrubs are watered.

Stihl’s iMow:

When using this device, mowing the lawn will never be a labour intensive task. Stihl’s iMow works as an electronic lawnmower, which is efficient and easy to use. It’s perfect for those who are unable to cut their own grass, whether that’s due to disability or other mitigating factors. The device shreds grass clippings, allowing them to fall back on the lawn and act as a fertiliser- which will in turn nourish your garden.

Gardenature Smart Bird Box:

If you’re a keen birdwatcher, then the Gardenature Smart Bird Box is the perfect technological gadget addition for your garden. The device allows you to stream content from the inside of the birdbox straight to your phone or tablet- a brilliant way to observe nature without disturbing nature.



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