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Impact of Technology in the Workplace

by Uneeb Khan

It is a known fact that technology has changed so much throughout history. Technology has made some changes to the way that people do their jobs. For example, the working conditions of some industries have improved so much. Technology and productivity have greatly improved over the past years. Expect that these things have changed:

  1. Processes have been streamlined.
  2. There are a lot of processes that are now more environmentally friendly.
  3. People are now productive because the right tools are available.

It is through technology that there are different ways that people can work. If before people would need to work in one place all the time, there are now people who can work from home. Some of them can work while they are visiting different sites.

Improve the Speed and Efficiency of Employees

Improve the Speed and Efficiency of Employees
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There are now a lot of workers who are more productive as compared to before. The impact of technology on work has tremendously improved. There are a lot of machines that can make work more efficient. Aside from that, it is now easier for different workers to communicate with each other. If there are some details that they need, they can just send the information so that decisions can be made and tasks can be completed.

There was a time when some types of tasks would require hours before they can be completed by men power. Right now, some of those tasks would only take minutes and they can be done very well too. There are now messages that can be sent to clients too. Another thing that used to take a long time is sending payments. Through online transfers and the different options that are available to people, sending payments can be done almost immediately.

Working Together is Now Easier

Technology in the Workplace
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You have to admit that working together used to be a hard task to do. Some people would need to be stuck in one room so that all of the ideas that they have can be shared and integrated. Right now, people do not have to be in the same place to work together. They can work remotely. Some can be at their designated sites and sending data can be done immediately.

Different teams can now have meetings. They can do video conferencing easily and they can just talk to each other like if they were seeing each other in person. Sharing documents can now also be easier with the use of some apps. Documents can be shared and different people can have access to them so that they can get the information or do some editing.

Office Culture is Now Changing

There are some people who understand the importance of technology and believe in its development. They think that the time may come when actual offices may cease to exist. People can all work from the comfort of their own home. They can also work in different areas. It is not necessary anymore that people come from a certain place before they can work together. There are some people who can all work without being in one place at one time.

There are now some open offices that are available. This allows different freelancers to work seemingly in an office. They can collaborate with other freelancers or they can work with other people who are also hired by the company.

There is No Need to Transfer to A Certain Place to Work

There is No Need to Transfer to A Certain Place to Work

Gone are the days when people would need to transfer locations just so they could work for a company. Some of them would not need to move locations anymore just to work on a project. Some of them may visit the site from time to time but most of the work that they need to do can be done from where they are. This will lessen the hassle that people experience when they need to move. This is definitely a plus for a lot of people.

Some Growing Issues with Technology

Some Growing Issues with Technology

While people use technology to grow business and it seems like it will only provide good things, you should remember that technology can sometimes cause problems among people too. There are instances when even if people were able to share their details and information with their workmates, they would encounter some miscommunication. Miscommunication can be problematic especially if there are some tasks that need to be done in an instant.

Feeling Detached

People know that working with other people can also be exciting because it can make work much more fun. In between periods, there will be times when people will talk about things other than work. It will allow them to build better relationships with each other so that they can also work together when they have some tasks that they need to finish.

Working from home or working away from each other can make it harder for people to build relationships with one another. This can make it harder for some people to contact people that they do not particularly like.

Problems with Detaching Work from Personal Issues

Problems with Detaching Work from Personal Issues

The problem with working from home is it can make things harder to get done. When people are in the office, they know that they need to concentrate on their tasks. The longer that they work on their tasks, the harder it will be for them to get things done. It is possible that there are just too many distractions at home that they do not know what to do anymore.

Some of the negative effects of working from home are the following:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Burnout
  3. Mild depression

It is important that people follow a schedule when they work so that they can work on the tasks that they have to do during work hours. You need to do your best work at all times and this can be hard when you are not used to working from home.


You have now learned how technology increases productivity in the workplace. At the same time, you have also learned some of the negative effects of technology. Some people can adjust to technology quite well. They know what they have to do in order to finish their tasks immediately. Also, various business are using it for successful online marketing. At the same time, there are also some people who may have a hard time adjusting to technology. As long as you are willing to adapt to changes, things will be better for you eventually.

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