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Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level With These Apps

by Uneeb Khan
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Instagram stories can be effective to build brand awareness and getting more engagements for your business. You can achieve your goals by creating effective and attractive content to put Instagram stories. The use of quizzes, stickers, and voting on IG stories also get more engagements with new audiences. The power of using Instagram stories cannot be denied. Over 200 million users on Instagram watch stories from different locations all around the world. So if you want to target an audience from a specific location, then IG stories is an efficient way of marketing for you. Buy Instagram likes UK and use Instagram stories that work for you.

Instagram stories are only effective to grow your business if you use them in the right way. Building quality content and using it for Instagram stories is one shortcut to success. There are many apps or tools are available that you can use to create your stories.

Lists of some useful tools to generate content are as follows:


If you want to tell a story to your users, then Unfold app must be useful for you. Unfold magazine has many predefined templates that can be used to put text and photos to make stories more attractive. One of the main benefits of using this app is that it has over 200 templates for different designs, which are mostly free to use. It also has photo editing options that make your stories more eyes catching for IG users.

If you have some budget to spend for the marketing of your business, then we prefer you to buy some paid templates that are hot selling on this app.


Typorama is an effective tool to make stories that catch up with audiences who view stories sudden. It contains over 100 typefaces and fonts. That is very useful during the creation of IG stories content. It does not end here because it also has plus features like shadows and 3D distortion that help to make stories text stand out. You can edit your text by using colour platters, adjustment tools, some useful gradients and much more.

Most of these features are free, but if you want to buy additional features, you can unlock additional features that are more attractive.


Clipomatic is an effective tool to make your videos more engaging by adding captions to your videos. People who used to watch videos with no sounds can read the caption to know what actually video about. It is also useful for people who are deaf and can’t hear videos sound, so they can read the caption. It will help to make more engagements with them as well.

Clipomatic is not a free tool, and they charge around about 5$ for this app. But it is very useful and can add text to video by just voice and no need to type. This app will help grow your brand awareness in different locations because it has over 40 languages available that can be used to add a caption.


Canva is a free designing app having thousands of free Instagram templates to use. You can use it efficiently even you don’t know anything about designing. It is very simple to use. You just have to choose a template and drags text and other options that you want to use. It can make your stories more professionals.


VSCO is an app that is useful to edit images for IG stories. When you use this app to edit pictures and put in some effort, it will improve your image looks and its looks like captured by a professional. It also has a variety of tools for adjusting images size, colour and text etc.

This app also is free to use but with limited access. If you want to take over this limit, then you must have to upgrade its features.


Boosted is an effective tool to improve your photo looks that is attractive to engage with more audience. It also has a variety of videos templates. Users can simply add videos and photos to these templates, so they can work for you. If you want to show your brand looks in your stories, then by using this app, you can use colours, fonts that specifically define your brand. If you have already created and want to make it attractive to grab the user’s attention, then you can import it in boosted.

Boosted is also a free tool but also has some paid options. They will charge up to 8$ for a month, but if you want to buy it for a year, then the price will change to 14$.


Instagram stories can help to grab the attention of people and increase reaches on Instagram. Buy Instagram likes to improve your presence, and then the use of attractive stories helps in the growth of your businesses. Read this article to create attractive stories by using effective tools.

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