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Study in Canada Admission Requirement for Indian Students

by Jan Sher
Study in Canada Admission Requirement for Indian Students

Study in Canada

The top universities worldwide are those in Canada. They are famous for providing top-notch instruction, qualified faculty, top-notch courses, and unmatched facilities. Additionally, the extensive curricula provided fulfill the needs of modern schooling. Here in this article, we talk about the study in Canada admission requirements for Indian students.

For an undergraduate student, the average cost of attending school in Canada (including tuition fees) can be between CAD 1,800 and 20,000 per year. Depending on the university and curriculum they choose, the cost varies.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is currently the greatest country in the world for quality of life and consistently ranks among the finest nations in the world. Studying in Canada will give you access to some of the best professors and educators in the entire world, giving you an education that is renowned across the globe.

What are the advantages of studying in Canada for foreign students? Many! Your experience will shape your life, whether you decide to attend school in one of our huge, thriving cities or choose for a small campus in a friendly, family-like neighborhood. According to study in Canada consultants, it can result in greater professional opportunities at home or a career and a future in Canada. You will, at the at least, have access to our four splendid seasons, vast open spaces, an abundance of animals, cultural richness, pristine environment, and extraordinary standard of living.

Find out what makes Canada unique. Studying in Canada is open to students from throughout the world.

Reasons behind Choosing Canada

We have welcomed students from all around the world for many years. We’ve learned from them that there is plenty to enjoy about Canada. Here are just a few of the many advantages of choosing Canada as your country of study:

  • Qualifications those are highly valued globally.
  • Inexpensive education
  • Culturally diverse society
  • Healthy and secure neighborhoods.
  • Paid internships may be available when you’re a student.
  • After graduation, there are excellent job prospects and post-study work visas.

Admission Requirement for Study in Canada

12 years of full-time instruction at school.

For diplomas and bachelor’s degrees, grades in the 12th grade must be at least 50–55 percent; however, highly regarded colleges require grades of 70% and more.

Requirement for Study in Canada for Indian Students

There may also be specific criteria for particular programmes, such as mathematics in the 12th grade.

English Language Requirement

IELTS 6.0/6.5, TOEFL iBT (only accepted by Universities) minimum score of 79, or PTE (accepted by select institutions) minimum score of 50 not less than 42 are required for UG Diploma Programs and Bachelor Degrees.

IELTS 6.5 or PTE (recognized by some institutions) minimum score of 58, not less than 50, or TOEFL iBT (only accepted by Universities) minimum score of 88 are necessary for masters and postgraduate diploma programmes. For TOEFL and IELTS certification, you should enroll in a TOEFL or IELTS coaching in Jaipur, where the tutoring is available from Meridean Overseas. There are currently numerous more Indian cities where Meridean Overseas TOEFL and IELTS coaching is offered.

IELTS is generally required for SPP Colleges, nevertheless.


  • While most highly regarded universities want 70% and higher, the minimum requirement for a bachelor’s degree is 65%.
  • For a Master’s in technical fields like engineering, pharmacology, computer science, etc., 16 years of full-time study are necessary.
  • Some of the universities we represent accept 15 years of full-time study for the MBA.

PG Diploma

Minimum of 50–55 percent for bachelor’s degrees.

All PG Diplomas in community colleges recognize a minimum of 15 years of schooling.

There may be program-specific requirements for particular subjects, such as mathematics.

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