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Steps to convert the video to MP3

by Uneeb Khan

The steps to convert video to MP3 are very simple.

1] Download Riddle’s free document app on your iPhone.

2] Open the document and click on the small built-in browser window in the lower right corner.

3] Find the video you want to download by opening GenYouTube. You can also copy and paste the YouTube link or share a short YouTube link.

4] On the video download page, scroll down a bit and select the MP3 option.

5] When prompted, enter the name of the mp3 and choose a folder to save it or use the default folder.

[Note: – If you are not prompted to enter the file name when clicking to download MP3, press and hold the button and select the download link. ]

6] Press the Save button to download the MP3 to your iPhone.

7] You can listen to the Youtube to Mp3 files by going to the destination defined in step 5. You can return to the application and open the mp3 by pressing the button in the lower left corner of the document application.

If this is not software, you can try offline files and web browsers or files.

Even after converting youtube video converter files to MP3 most people still complain about the audio quality. This is because they don’t know which websites can be used to convert video file formats to audio file formats. The websites mentioned above can extract audio in various formats. Most people choose mp3 because they only know one setting. That’s why you choose the best site and the site that extracts audio with the best MP3 version is a must-see Less, the site above does just that.

If you know more about audio formats, the best audio settings to extract are WAV or FLAC, these formats will not compress YouTube’s original sound quality.

If you want high quality audio in the most basic way, then the PEGGO app is for you. You need to download it, paste the YouTube link you want to extract the audio from, then press the button that displays the MP3 extract and you are ready to go.

In the end, it all depends on which software you choose for you, choosing the best conversion software is essential, and the best three are listed above.

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