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Some Bizarre Dog Habits Explained

by Uneeb Khan
Some Bizarre Dog Habits Explained

When it comes to our dogs, often we regard something as lovable antics and rarely place a good deal of thought into what reasons are behind these behaviors in our puppy. Or, you might frequently seek the reasons behind your dog’s atypical behaviors. For those who are more on the curious side, we have put together some eccentric behaviors your pooch shows alongside the highest probable motives for them.

There are several reasons to explain different behaviors, but mentioned are a few of the most common ones:

  • That adorable head tilting pose has more to it than eliciting those oohs and ahs in us: In the book `Inside of a Dog’ with the aid of Alexandra Horowitz, head tilting has been defined as a canine’s attempt to adjust its outer ear to pay closer attention and discover a few defined sounds.
  • Chasing the tail: Dogs chase their tail for an expanse of reasons. At times, it is executed to kill boredom. Being confined inside a small area also incites the tail-chasing activity in dogs. Playfulness is another cause for it and if their tail-chasing makes you chuckle, the canine will likely reproduce it have interaction in it to get your attention.. Apart from this, there may be ‌fleas or a medical condition at work. If the canine is obsessively after its tail, it’s time to consult a vet without additional delay.
  • Digging: This behavior has originated from their wild ancestors. The feral dog could dig a hole inside the earth and turn it right into a comfortable resting spot. This exercise remains practiced in our domesticated pooches before retiring to bed, as it does when they are looking to uncover their buried bones and other treats.
  • Eating grass: According to specialists, puppies consume grass to enhance digestion, introduce fiber consumption, and upload positive vitamins to their food regimen.
  • Kicking in the air while you tickle the stomach: The well-known stomach rub results in a scratch reflex. According to Animal Planet, this involuntary response occurs when something irritates the dog. The nerves under the pores and skin connected to the spinal cord get activated, and a message to the leg muscle tissues is dispatched to kick to discard the irritant.
  • Dragging their butts alongside the ground: A dog will drag its anus alongside the carpet/ground while something is causing it soreness/inflammation. It may be a sign of worms, infection, or swelling inside the anal region. When a canine’s anal sacs get blocked or swollen, it can scoot its backside at the grass/floor to clear them. This issue bothers small dog breeds in particular.

Every dog’s parent wants their dog to be safe and healthy throughout their life. But, like humans, pets’ health is not in the pets’ or pet owners’ control. All a pet parent can do is seek the best medical treatment for their pet.

The best medical treatment can be expensive, but the insurance for pets online company will take care of most of the expenses. So as a pet owner, ‌look for a pet insurance quote as soon as you get the puppy home before your dog has any health situation. Don’t look for a pet insurance quote when your furry buddy succumbs to a chronic illness because pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by insurance.

When your furry buddy is in the puppy stage, getting the best pet insurance may even attract a lower premium.

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