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Simplify The Tooth Removal Surgeries With Periotomes

by Uneeb Khan

Tooth extraction practices are quite time-consuming and demanding for the medical practitioner as well as the patient. Conventionally, the periotomes are available in several variations to make the tooth extractions convenient. They have delicate tips to be inserted in the periodontal ligament without applying much pressure. Initially, for extraction procedures, the dentist use periotome, and then comes the turn of elevators or forceps if required further assistance.

Nevertheless, it is important to remain careful while using the periotome because they can break if excessive force is applied to the root. Indeed, the tools of dental clinics need to be durable, and highly efficient. Hence, to ease tooth extraction procedures, prefer using modern oral surgery instruments that make the overall procedure highly atraumatic and aids in post-operative health. Read on!

Structure Of The Periotomes

The structure of the periotome consists of a thin tapering tip that is sharp enough. The handles and blade are available in several designs. Furthermore, the shank comes in contra-angled and straight variations. However, the contra-angled type is suitable for the posterior teeth. Plus, the handle of the periotome comes with serrations for a firm grip of the operation. Apart from that, the body of the instrument is built with a metallic blade. The ends of the instrument are used in the circumferential pattern. 

Thus, enough space is provided for the dentist for tooth extraction and provides little lateral pressure on the teeth. In addition, this tool will definitely provide assistance in teeth replacement practices. This is a slender shaped instrument held in hand to sever the tooth fibers for easier tooth extraction. All in all, it will prevent the decaying of the socket’s anatomy.

What Is The Difference Between Elevators, Periotomes, And Luxators?

The difference between elevators, periotomes, and luxators is not much visible. For instance, the elevator is used in prying motion and luxators are suitable to use in a rotating motion. On the other hand, the periotome is used in a vertical motion. However, the rotation of the instrument depends on the thinness of the instrument. For instance, the instrument should not damage the soft tissues. Therefore, periotome is much more reliable for making tooth extractions convenient. As well, the periotomes has flat yet sharp structures. Not only this, they are suitable for removing the root tips. It supports removing the retained roots, without hurting the gingival architecture. On top of that, it does not harm the softer tissues and provides effective yet quick post-operative healing. 

Maintenance of the Dental Surgical Instruments

The instrument’s maintenance is crucial for reliable performance and enhances the durability of the instrument as well. For instance, the surgery tools should be carefully inspected to ensure their sharpness. Take care of the instruments to prevent the transference of toxic substances. In fact, the instrument should be sterilized or autoclaved properly for the safety of the patient.

Which Is The Feasible Way For Tooth Extraction?

The upper teeth are easy to extract and feasible to numb for the dentist. On the other hand, the lower teeth and back molars are complex to eradicate. The lower back molars are tough to extract because they have thicker bones. Also, the anesthetic substance faces trouble while soaking through because there are several nerves present in that space.

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What Are The Major Reasons for Tooth Fracture In Surgical Procedures?

If a tooth fractures in surgery, it may be due to failure of the right tool usage or lack of professional skills. The tooth extraction procedures are mainly done due to wisdom teeth complexities, impacted tooth, bone, or tissues that are not in the right condition. The whole procedure can be complicated if the tooth damages and requires additional effort and time for retrieving the alveolus roots.

What Is The Advantage Of Periodontal Surgical Procedure?

The most significant reason to perform periodontal surgery is to have enough root planing and scaling access. Also, hard tissue therapy becomes feasible for the dentist in a periodontal procedure. Another benefit of periodontal surgery includes the reduction of bacteria, debris, and the prevention of gum inflammation.

The Final Verdict

The procedure of tooth extraction is tough and requires plenty of surgical instruments. One mistake can complicate the whole procedure. Besides, the secret behind the atraumatic procedure is using of the right surgical instruments. Thus, periotomes for extraction are made to provide a gentler experience and reduce the fear of patients for their future dental surgical treatments. GerDentUSA has a wide range of dental surgical instruments. Our recent invention includes a dental anglevator, a universal six-in-one tooth extracting tool. Also, we offer customization in the surgical instruments for all our customers to make their procedures highly efficient. No doubt, customization is good for healthcare practitioners who feel difficulty in finding the right instruments to work with.

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