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How Valorant is easier than CS:GO according to Shroud

by Uneeb Khan
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Shroud is regarded as one of the top streamers. He is a former CS:GO professional player who knows all aspects of the game. This pro gamer recently started Valorant, which is a game similar to CS:GO. Gamers have been asking questions about Shroud Valorant Settings and how he compares both CSGO and Valorant.  Undoubtedly, CS:GO is a great FPS game, but Valorant introduced new features to FPS games. Let’s see how Shroud sees both Valorant and CS:GO at difficulty level.

Why is Shroud Convinced that Valorant is Easier than CSGO?

In Valorant, a duelist has to break a site at the controller and initiator’s back. The category division allows players to choose their roles and commit to them. They can also execute their jobs without distractions. The thin line between roles in CSGO can often blur when there are site rushes. Every player in CS needs to be a skilled aimer, able to support others, and be able to use utility setups when needed.

Having played Counter-Strike for more than ten years, Shroud has become a reputable player in the Counter-Strike community. He competed at a level that was focused on team play, complex smoke use, and communication. His experience as a Valve shooter reflects this. Utility and team coordination are equally important at a higher level of pro play than CSGO.

Shroud isn’t the only one to have rethought his opinion. Earlier, CSGO was considered easier than Valorant by this pro player. The ever-changing meta in Valorant could explain the change in his opinion. Regardless of the reason, the title depends heavily on aim-play which is the heartbeat of any shooter game.

This contradicts what Shroud said earlier about the two games being equally good. He did however provide a concrete explanation why Valorant is more challenging than CS: GO and how a player must learn a lot about games to be an effective Valve player.

Know Shroud: His Career to Gaming Preferences

Shroud is well-known for his ability to play all kinds of games. He used to play CS: GO in his early years. He then started playing PUBG. He plays Valorant, and pretty much any FPS battle royale game. Shroud was unstoppable when he played Apex legends. He holds the record for Apex Legends’ single-player match with the most kills. It was the perfect combination because Apex Legends is fast-paced and Shroud can play fast. Shroud was relentless in Apex Legends. Although he never played Apex Legends professionally, he would have been at the top of the leaderboards. He still has the high skills that he learned in his professional days. Although many have claimed that Shroud has used aimbots, this claim has not been proved.

Shroud was born with the name Michael Grzesiek in Canada. During his professional career, he was part of Cloud9’s team. He used to play counter-strike in his early gaming days. He is a regular streamer on Twitch and has participated in numerous tournaments across North America. Shroud sells his own merchandise and collaborates with many streamers. Shroud also sells his own coffee that anyone can buy. Now let’s explore Shroud Valorant Settings in detail to learn why he believes it is easier than CSGO.

Shroud Valorant Settings: A Complete Table

Below are details about the Shroud valorant settings he uses to play.

Shroud Gears
MonitorAlienware AW2721D
Mouse PadLogitech G840 SE
MouseLogitech G Pro X Superlight
KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Keyboard SE
HeadsetLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset SE

Mouse Settings of Shroud (Logitech G Pro X Superlight)

Shroud uses Logitech G Pro X Superlight. Below are his mouse setting:

Mouse SettingsValue
In-game Sensitivity0.78
Windows Sensitivity6
Scoped Sensitivity1
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Shroud Valorant SettingsCrosshair
Invert MouseOff

Keybinds Settings of Shroud (Logitech G Pro X Keyboard SE)

Presently, Shroud is using Logitech G Pro X keyboard SE. Below are his valorant settings (Keybinds)

JumpMouse Down/Space
Ability 1E
Ability 2Q
Ability 3C
Use SprayT
Use ObjectF
Drop ItemG
Inspect WeaponY
Party VoiceU
Team VoiceCaps Lock
Equip Primary Weapon1
Equip Melee3
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Interact with Spike4

Shroud Crosshair Settings

Cross HairValue
Center DotOff / 0.4 / 2
OutlinesOn/ 1 /1
Outer Lines0.35 / 2 / 2 / 10
Inner Lines1 / 4 / 2 / 2
Firing ErrorOn
Fixed OrientationBased on Sides
Minimap Size1.028
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Key Player CenteredOff
Minimap Zoom1
Show Map region NamesAlways


Valorant Monitor Settings of Shroud (Alienware AW2721D)

The Shroud’s settings are different from Mongraal valorant settings which is why both have different views on the Valorant game. The monitor Shroud uses is Alienware AW2721D. The settings he set are:

Monitor SettingsValue
Resolution2560 x 1440
PC GraphicsValue
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
Display ModeFull Screen
Texture QualityHigh
UI QualityLow
Anisotropic Filtering4x
Material QualityHigh
Enhanced Gun Skin VisualsOn
Detail QualityLow
Improve ClarityOff
First Person ShadowsOff
Max FPS Always300

This is how Shroud feels that the Valorant is easier than CS:GO. To help you get a clear idea, we also revealed the valorant settings of Shroud explaining how it’s different from Mongraal valorant settings. We hope you now know why Shroud feels like Valorant is much easier than CSGO.

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