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Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

by Uneeb Khan
Wisdom teeth

Your dentist recommends you to get your wisdom teeth in Wilmington NC, removed. But it does not hurt. So, is there a need to go through all the removal processes? You must remember if your wisdom teeth are not the cause of pain, it does not mean there is nothing wrong. Your teeth can be impacted, or stuck. It means they can not break through your jaw and into your mouth. If your mouth is too small for the teeth or some teeth are growing at an angle to the other teeth, it can lead to the damaging of the tooth next door, if they push against it. There are several reasons or symptoms that can tell if you need wisdom teeth removal or not. Here are a few of them: –


If you are suffering from tolerable pain that you can take care of with some home remedies, you might not need to worry about anything. However, if the pain is very severe and constant, it means it is time to visit your dentist. There can be chances of less space in your mouth for new teeth that can lead to infection or be detrimental to your health.

The pain must not be the only determinant. If you have pain extending towards the other teeth and gums, take no more time and head towards your dentist. That is because your wisdom teeth might be pushing the other teeth leading to crowding.


When your wisdom teeth get impacted when it tries to emerge, a space is left between the gum and your tooth. It is the favorite place for food and bacteria to create an infection, a dangerous infection indeed. If you suffer from pain and have a fever, it is better to turn to your dentist without wasting much time.

It is crucial to visit your dentist, especially for people who have undergone orthodontic treatment. That is because these people have very little space for wisdom teeth to emerge. In the case of people with orthodontic treatments, the sooner, the better it is. That is because the younger your age, the easier it gets to extract the tooth.

Difficulty in Eating

If you are experiencing pain in eating and are uncomfortable, it might be because of your wisdom teeth that mean it needs to be removed. Food can get stuck on the top of the teeth or between the gums. It can cause several problems if you are unable to clean the back of your mouth properly. Consulting a dentist would be the best as he will advise the best suitable solution for the issue. If it can not be solved with some treatments or medicines, extraction would be the only choice. 

Teeth are Not Straight 

If the wisdom teeth emerge out crooked, it can push the other teeth and move over. It can even damage the other existing teeth. Extraction will prevent any further damage. Our jaws are not big enough to allow and accommodate the third molar. That is because it then bumps against the other teeth causing them to grow sideways. If you are planning for some orthodontic treatment, it is better to get your wisdom teeth extracted before beginning with the other treatments. It will allow more room for the misalignments to shift. 


A wisdom teeth in Wilmington, NC, brings several problems with it. One of them is sinus issues. This problem can arise when teeth grow in the upper jaw. When these teeth grow, they rub against the sinuses and put pressure on them. The problem does not occur too frequently, but it can lead to sinus pain, headaches, and congestion.


Dentists or oral surgeons perform wisdom teeth extraction procedures. They prescribe local or general anesthetics for the treatment. There are several sedation options for wisdom teeth extractions. Depending on the number of teeth to be extracted and the severity of the case, the process can take up to a few hours.

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