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Private or public school – which is better?

by Uneeb Khan

What is better to choose for a child: a private or a public school? Features of training and development

The discussion about whether a private school or a public school is better can go on forever. Both are important in their respective fields. Both types of educational institutions have many opportunities to nurture and develop future champions.

Are only schools responsible for the development of children? If so, what could be better – private or public? Many people think that private schools are better than public schools, is that true?

Private schools

  1. Private schools have the best infrastructure necessary for the physical and mental development of the child. They can help with the necessary amenities so that students can better absorb their lessons. Infrastructure can help them take a practical approach to education.
  2. Private schools are better suited to the psychological development of children.
  3. These are more attentive to requirements that could protect the health of students.
  4. Private school education is now more audiovisual with the advent of computers in the learning process.
  5. Private schools can also provide the best sports and physical development equipment for children.

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Public Schools

  1. Public schools are affordable and provide the minimum necessary infrastructure to meet basic learning needs.
  2. Private schools do not accept students from low-income economic groups. The right to education is freedom for everyone, and public schools provide education to all children without any partiality.
  3. Public schools provide students with basic sports and physical education.
  4. Public schools provide good salaries to their teachers and management staff.


Private schools are definitely superior to public schools as they will provide better infrastructure, better teacher-to-student ratio, clean and sanitized facilities, better environment for students with personal development and extracurricular activities.

Public schools may not be able to offer all these opportunities, but for those who cannot afford private schools, sending their children to public schools is better than not attending school at all, especially since basic education in Pakistan is provided in full and with all responsibility!

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